Tongea Peace mothers confirm contribution to build barray

Peace mothers in Kongbora chiefdom within  the Moyamba district,proudly  announce their successful fundraising efforts to kick start the construction of a court barray in Tongea village

Peace mothers during fund raising venture

The financial resources for this important project been diligently gathered through their ‘Osusu’ initiative,a village cooperative that has pivotal in their community’s progress.The chiarlady Iye Mosima happily reports that they have earlier identified suitable land for the project which will commence soon

In addition to their remarkable initiative in constructing the barray,these enterprising women  have also ventured into gari processing and groundnut farming further contributing to the development and prosperity of their community

Community Animator  who also works with the women in the chiefdom Joseph Alpha said Peace mothers are taking lead in most of the development projects in the chiefdom.He added that one of the major challenges is now the procurement of steel plate which is highly in need but very expensive,calling on humanitarian organisations to respond to this request as acreages of cassava plantation will be ready for processing in the dry season

Mediators and Peace mothers collaborate to construct community health center

Community Welfare and Mediation Committee members in collaboration with Peace mothers in Kovella section,Faknuya chiefdom,Moyamba district are contributing cash to finish  construct ion of a health centre in Mongere township

Peace mothers working very hard to achieve more

According to the acting section chief,Mohamed Jusu immediately after mediators and peace mothers were had refresher sessions in 2023,they decided to embark on one of the most difficult things that had to do with health system.’Contribution kicked off immediately and the whole of 2023 was used to collect cash backed up with help from few people that hail from the section’adding that ‘work started at the end of the raining season and today we are proud of Fambul Tok structures that work together to achieve our goal’

‘This is one of our achievements in this section as over 16 villages are far away to access health centre in the chiefdom’said Peace mothers chair lady, Fatmata Tommy

Peace mothers collaborate with mediators to construct secondary school

Peace mothers in collaboration with Community Welfare and Mediation Committee members through Chiefdom Animator have initiated an extensive cassava farming project in the Lengekoro community,Diang chiefdom,Koinadugu district.The primary objective is to establish a senior secondary school,addressing the challenge of students having to trek long distances for higher education.

Chiefdom animator,Karifa Kamara emphasized the valuable knowledge gained from Fambul Tok,which they are applying to self sustain.Additional.he disclosed plans to acquire a cassava grater machine,aiming to venture into large scale gari production

Peace ambassadors embark on cleaning exercise

Peace ambassadors of Kondembaia Secondary school in the norther part of Sierra Leone are set to commence cleaning exercises. in their chiefdom head quarter town of Kondembaia, Diang chiefdom

According to the peace coordinator,Francis Daboh the pupils will clean health centre and other areas that have been unsightly for very long time

‘This our end of year contribution to our community to ensure our environment looks clean and proper hygiene mantained’ Daboh revealed

Peace ambassadors

Peace mothers focus on raising capital from soap making

Peace mothers of Mobonor section,Kongbora chiefdom,Moyamba district have produced huge quantities of locally made ‘Africana’ soap to sell and raise funds to increase the micro credit loan capital

soap making in Mobonor

Chairlady of the group.Hawa Kandeh said the product would be distributed to group members to be sold at reasonable cost and the profits would be added to their US 1,800(Le 38,000) standing capital

Fambul Tok completes training of Mediators

The Community Welfare and Mediation Committees (CWMCs) have been established to facilitate dialogue in addressing existing community level disputes or key concerns that threaten peace and development.This is also an important component in Fambuk’s drive to promote,healing,reconciliation and development following Sierra Leone’s 11 years civil war.It supports the process and provide capacity building to ensure the groups function effectively

REfresher training for the CWMCs on mediation.reconciliation and basic communication skills is currently underway in three operational districts of Kailahun,MOyamba and Koinadugu

Over 500 CWMC members from 20 chiefdoms

CWMCs pose after training

would be trained

Training for Community Welfare and Mediation Committee members/Peace Mothers animators in Sanda Taindaren

Training sessions for members of the Community Welfare and Mediation Committee (CWMC)members and Peace mothers’ animators have started in Kalangba section,Sanda Taindaren chiefdom,Karene district.It was held in Mathoir village where participants were drawn  from fifteen villages.

In his address,Acting section chief Amadu Kargbo said it was a dream come true as he was fortunate to select his section during balloting at the chiefdom meeting where Fambul Tok begins training in the chiefdom.He welcomed Fambul Tok organization in Sanda Taindaren chiefdom and  stated  that everything humanly possible will be done to ensure unity, peace and development in that part of the country

Fambul Tok  Issa Kamara gave brief background of the Peoples Planning Process,Village Development Process and Peace Mothers animators.He said participants were selected by villages to be trained in different areas such as mediation,reconciliation,communication and community mobilization.He added that leadership and key steps in the Village Development Process will be dealt with.

Reverend Emmanuel Mansaray took participants through meaning,principles,steps and limitations of community mediation which leads to sustainable peace and development.He said mediation is very key and requested trainees to take it very serious.A demonstration on mediation role play was done by participants

On communication,participants were taught how to embark on good communication skills.Reconciliation was a key topic as participants were eager to learn how to reconcile people and communities.

Joseph Kargbo emphasized on the need for communities to take full ownership  of their activities and CWMCs and Peace mothers animators to take the lead in facilitating roll out of the Village    Development Process                                                                  CWMC Executive members



Former fighter reconciles with community members

Former rebel fighter in Sierra Leone’s civil war Bockarie Marah has asked his people of Sengbeh chiefdom,Koinadugu district to forgive him in the interest of peace and national cohesion.He was testifying during burn fire ceremony in Gbenikoro village very recently.

Marah(right) joins hands with one of his family members

He said he was absent during traditional reconciliation ceremonies several years ago but happy to witness such event as he was given the opportunity to request for forgiveness and reconcile once again with community members. He went on to state that even when nobody has attack him he is still unhappy as most of his former friends including relatives had no business with him. He was very grateful to Fambul Tok  for the safe space created for him to reconcile with his people since he was absent during the time of community reconciliation




PPP Launched in Sanda Taindaren chiefdom

The Government of Sierra Leone, through the Wan Fambul National Framework Interim Secretariat (WFNF) in partnership with Fambul Tok International-Sierra Leone  have on Tuesday 29th of November 2022, rolled-out the People’s Planning Process (PPP) commonly known as the Wan Fambul Framework (WFF) in Sanda Taindaren Chiefdom in Karene District.

The framework is an inclusive governance model aimed at putting the people at the centre of development and socio-economic transformation by ensuring improved service delivery, sustained poverty reduction and strengthening peace and cohesion.

It also includes elements of reconciliation and peace building in the development planning processes led by the people and local communities.

Welcoming participants, the Paramount Chief, Sanda Taindaren Chiefdom,Alhaji  Abdulraman Tejan  Bangura I said he is very happy that his chiefdom, out of the 13 chiefdoms in Karene will benefit from Government, through Fambul Tok for the implementation of the People’s Planning Process model. He said they have waited for too long for such initiative, noting that it would be the right way to bring development to Sanda Taindaren assuring that he would provide all the necessary support in order for the initiative to succeed. He lamented over situations in his chiefdom, adding that the chiefdom is one of the most deprived one in the country. He called on his people to work closely with Fambul Tok during the implementation period as they stand to gain from several things including various training opportunities.

Minister of Local Government,Tamba Lamina launching PPP Model

Chairman of Karene District Council was charged with the responsibility to chair the launching was very happy to see his district recognized in such a large gathering. John Ditto Kamara said Karene is new but had gain some important projects for the past two years

He gave a brief background of the new district adding that few chiefdoms were drawn from Port Loko and Bombali districts and today it is the fastest growing district. He lauded the efforts of Government of Sierra Leone and Fambul Tok International for launching the People’s Planning Process model in his district. He called on Government to extend the PPP to the remaining 12 chiefdoms in Karene. Chairman Kamara extended gratitude to the Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs his steadfastness to promote councils as he was the first man to ensure that chairmen, mayors and deputies were on pay roll

In his   statement, John Caulker, Executive Director of Fambul Tok International-Sierra Leone said the initiative was a laudable one developed by government to bring the people closer to the development of the country. He said it was important for people to begin discussing their own issues within their respective communities and districts.

John Caulker said the framework which would be anchored in the district councils would be a platform for the people, local authorities and Councils to come together and discuss their issues and development priorities for the improvement of their localities, adding that the PPP was a one-stop-shop that would help to bring people at the centre of development in the country.

He said the decision to come to Sanda Taindaren chiefdom was taken by the Steering Commitment adding that partnership with the people starts immediately after the launch of the pilot phase. He explained selection process of the  ten sections adding that Fambul Tok staff will work based on the sequence from one to ten. The Executive Director mentioned the establishment of the Village Development Committees in every village during the implementation phase

Dr. Sheka Bangura of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development in his statement said in order for government to back its commitment with action, they have provided financial support in the national budget for fiscal year 2022 to implement the integration of the Wan Fambul Framework in the implementation of the Sierra Leone’s Medium-Term National Development Plan (MTNDP) pilot project in selected chiefdoms.

John Caulker addressing participants at Mateboi

He said Government wants to expand the PPP Model to all 1,343 sections in the country as it is one of the best which brings people together for development aspirations. He appealed to the people to grab such opportunity.

District Officer, Karene, Alex Kargbo said with such project, the people stand to benefit a lot

He noted Government has relentlessly worked with development partners, especially Fambul Tok   to develop the initiative and ensure the people are at the centre of development in Sierra Leone.

Launching the PPP Model in Mateboi town, Minister Tamba Lamina said when you come closer to communities you will always know what is going on. He said his Ministry ensures that people sit and make decisions on their own than dictating to them what should happen. He mentioned review of Decentralization Policy adding that one of the key things in the policy has to do with decision making. He said the ‘wan fambul’ framework is closer to the hearts of the people

He disclosed government effort in Sanda Taindaren including the  construction of  a six class room Junior Secondary school building. Minister Lamina explained the enactment of the Gender empowerment bill in Parliament very recently which ensures women grab important positions country wide

The WFF has been piloted in four districts namely: Kailahun, Moyamba, Kono, Koinadugu and now Karene. Government has decided to adopt and roll out the framework in the 190 chiefdoms and 16 districts of Sierra Leone.

Fambul Tok,CFP partner with Government to host “wan fambul” conference


Fambul Tok International Sierra Leone and Catalyst for Peace Foundation in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone just completed a successful two- day workshop on the 17th to 19th of October 2022 in Kono District to deliberate on the National Wan Fambul Framework.

VP(4th from left) pose with members of the high table

Before the workshop proper, field visitation was held in Soa chiefdom on Monday,October 17 were community participants(Peace mothers ,community mediators, Village Development Commitees) from Koinadugu,Moyamba,Kailahun,Karene and Falaba districts and other representatives from Fambul Tok, Catalyst for Peace Foundation, Ministry of Local Government, Donor partners went around different communities to witness various activities carried out that day

On Tuesday, October 18,2022,at the Thomas Sahr Quee hall in Koidu city , Executive Director of Fambul Tok John Caulker briefed the gathering about what his organization and Catalyst for peace Foundation have been doing for the past decade in ensuring that there is peace and stability  in Sierra Leone by constantly engaging authorities and local people for sustainable development in their communities. President of Catalyst for Peace Foundation, Elizabeth Hoffman expressed joy over their longtime working relationship with Fambul Tok in making sure that community plan their development own projects.

She said communities will always be allowed to be part and parcel of development processes, adding that if they are not included sustainable development will not be a success

Minister of State , Office of Vice President, Francess Alghali chaired the opening and said Fambul Tok continue to play major role to ensure communities are not only at peace but remains cohesive. He said Catalyst for Peace Foundation has worked with Fambul Tok for so long and achievements registered in the country could attributed to strong partnership

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development ,Tamba Lamina in his address said wan fambul framework is a vehicle for development. He appreciated the effort of the Vice President for gracing the occasion.

PC Tamba Emmanuel Foyoh iv  of Soa Chiefdom ,speaking on behalf of his colleagues  extended appreciation to  Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace foundation for designing the Wan Fambul National Framework, a model that is inclusive. He said because of the successes of  the People’s Planning Process(PPP) has done in various chiefdoms to create chiefdom plans the Government of Sierra Leone deemed it fit and bought the idea to support the process so that communities will be inclusive and own their development aspirations

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh reassured Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace Foundation including participants present about Government’s commitment to the road map of the People’s Planning Process. He added that Government Projects will not be successful if the People are not placed in the center of development. He said the framework will not be an elephant project as it is a very important tool for community development. He was nearly carried away by presentations from participants from various districts and pledged government support to ensure community development aspirations are realized

The Vice President also attended the next day’s  session at Diamond lodge in Koidu city where the Minister of Planning and Economic Development,Dr Francis Kaikai played host to participants.

Participants especially peace mothers  from various districts presented what they have and continue to do in terms of activities