Residents mobilize resources to construct health post

The people resident in Benduma Village, Bagruwa Chiefdom in Moyamba District have started mobilizing resources to commence the construction of a Village Health Post that will serve the people and improve the health status of their community, and its immediate surroundings, especially in Maternal and Child Health Care services.

Benduma villagers pose after the meeting

The initiative came as a result of Fambul Tok International- Sierra Leone’s direct community-led planning and development initiative through the People’s Planning Process. The initiative allows communities define their needs, resources and moving forward with beginning to implement Benduma village plan through a Village Development Committee (VDC) without waiting for outside aid.

According to Solomon Yarjoh, Project Officer at Fambul Tok, the VDC members have received several trainings in basic project management, mediation and reconciliation techniques as well as communication skills that are designed to equip the members.

Musa Kamara interviews VDC Secretary,Henry .Johnson Senesie


He said the trainings are geared towards strengthening their capacity in development and peace building activities that are linked with the People’s Planning Process, which according to him, ‘is an inside-out approach to healing, recovery, and ongoing development in Sierra Leone that puts the people at the centre’..

Henry Johnson Senesie, the VDC Secretary of Benduma Village said that through the VDC structure they would task each household to contribute money (Two Leones) which has amounted to 554 NLe. Apart from physical cash other items such as fruits and vegetables are allowed to complement the Village Basket.

He said the nearest health facility within their community was over 15 miles away which was why they remain determined to make every little effort in mobilizing resources to commence the construction of a health facility that would serve Benduma and its surrounding Villages.

“We are confident that with the little effort we are making to develop this health post will surely improve the health and well-being of our community. Fambul Tok has helped us to develop this believe and we are grateful for all the support they continue to give the people of Benduma”, says  Senesie.

Fambul Tok is working with the Government of Sierra Leone and Catalyst for Peace to expand the People’s Planning Process nationwide as the “Wan Fambul Framework”. The initiative is currently piloted in Koinadugu, Kono and Moyamba Districts, which will be coordinated at Chiefdom Level supporting every Section and Village in the district.

Refresher training sessions for GRC members in Kono District

Fambul Tok staff in Kono district has started refresher training sessions for Grievance Redress Committees members starting with 4 sections-(Bayafeh, Bafinfeh, Bayakor and Moindekor) Gbense chiefdom. Old GRC members    were trained alongside new members that replaced those that have migrated to other places. A total of 80 participants were drawn from the four sections and sessions were held in different sectional headquarter towns



It started in Bayakor section, with debriefing by old GRC members. According to Sia  Sam, Secretary for the GRCs, said  they have mediated several cases including  land dispute between Koakor and Faada villages which was settled amicably.


GRCs in Bafinfeh

Lilian Morsay, Fambul Tok staff gave detailed background of Fambul Tok   values, dos and don’ts. The session also dealt with conflicts, steps in mediation, cases GRCs should mediate and communication. She said before the end of the month, GRCs would have been retrained in all sections in the chiefdom

Chairlady of the section, Amie Fonjah commended Fambul Tok for the timely refresher training as this has equipped them to help other communities and work harder for the development of their section and the chiefdom.

After the four sessions, banners were supplied to new members as a sign of recognition in their communities. The Human security project in Gbense,Kamara and Soa chiefdoms  is supported by United Nations Development Programme. The sessions will continue in Kamara and Soa chiefdoms












Minister recommends Fambul Tok to implement PPP in Lower Banta chiefdom

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development,Tamba Lamina  as a way of recommendation,pointed out clearly that the only organization that will continue to promote peace and cohesion in Lower Banta chiefdom will be Fambul Tok International Sierra Leone

PC Russell receives report from Minister Lamina

He was addressing a large audience including hundreds of community members of Lower Banta chiefdom who arrived in Moyamba town for the return of their Paramount chief.

According to Minister,PC Gibao Russell has being out of the chiefdom for nearly four years,as he was accused of mismanagement and  other offences brought against him by some members in the chiefdom.Based on allegations,a committee was set up by government to investigate stewardship of the chief.After nearly four years in exile,the minister revealed that the meeting in Moyamba was to hand over reports including recommendations  to the chief on his return to take up duties once more

Minister Lamina in a very strong voice admonished PC Russell to work with his subjects to develop Lower Banta.He lauded efforts of Fambul Tok adding that as the organization has worked in the chiefdom for few years,government has recommended the organization to implement the People’s Planning Process(PPP) in the chiefdom.The PPP encourages communities to be involved in every sphere of development from  project initiation,planning,implementation to closure.It calls on organizations working in communities to include communities in whatever they are implementing

“Am calling on you Chief Russell to work with Fambul Tok and community members  to ensure there is peace and cohesion in every part of your chiefdom” Minister pointed out.

In one of the recommendations,Minister urged chief Russell to return to Moyamba District Council activities of the jetty in Gbangbatoke,headquarter town of Lower Banta chiefdom

Efforts are now in place to officially PC Russell to his chiefdom in the next few weeks