Village Development Committees are vital in promoting community development

The deputy minister of Local Government and Community Affairs,Alfred Jamiru has emphasized the importance of the Village Development Committees(VDCs) in promoting community ownership of projects during a session held in Feikiya village,Sandor chiefdom,Kono district

‘For our communities to thrive,we must prioritize unity and harmony‘Jamiru  said adding’Village Development Committees play a vital role in achieving these goals by bringing people together to work towards common objectives’

The Minister highlighted the significance of community ownership in development projects’VDCs give the leverage to design and implement their own projects’he explained,adding’ this ensures that initiatives are tailored to local needs and can be effectively channeled through local councils for support and resources’

In his speech at the occasion,Executive Director of Fambul Tok said the ‘wan fambul framework addresses locally grown problems and provides practical solutions by focusing on issues unique to each community

He added that the framework aligns with the big five game changers, a set of strategic priorities aimed at transforming communities and driving sustainable development.

The Executive Director lay emphasis on the structural support the frameork provides for setting up the VDCs,’these committees are instrumental in fostering peace and designing projects that suit the speccific needs of their communities‘he said

Caulker went on to state that the wan fambul framework empowers communities to take control of their development,promoting self reliance and long term sustainability,’This is why Fambul Tok is helping to build a more prosperous and harmonious future for all,he said

The session in Sinkongofeh section highlighted the transformative potential of Village Development Committees and the wan fambul framework,With strong support from the  government and local communities,this initiative is set to make significant impact on community development across Sierra Leone

NTC convenes 2024 meeting to discuss progress and strategic actions

The National Technical Committee(NTC) of the Wan Fambul National Framework(WFNF) recently convened its latest meeting to discuss the ongoing and future initiatives under the Wan Fambul Framework,The gathering,which was held at the Fambul Tok conference hall in Freetown was to receive updates on the framework and follow up on actions from the previous meeting

NTC meeting  in progress

John Caulker,Executive Director of Fambul Tok,commenced the session by introducing and welcoming the newly appointed Chairman of NTC,to the inaugural meeting

‘We are thrilled to have Mr,Eric Massally leading us as we continue our efforts to foster peace and development within our communities’Caulker stated

Massally,the new chairman and also Director of NGO Affairs at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development,expressed his gratitude to all attendees and welcome participants,outlining the meeting’s purpose

‘Our goal is to ensure that our strategies are inclusive and impactful,addressing the needs of all stakeholders’ Massally noted.The committee outlined several action points to drive the WFF initiatives forward

John Caulker again highlighted the importance of these strategic actions in promoting collaboration and inclusivity.’By involving diverse stakeholders and ensuring transparent communication,we can achieve our shared goals more effectively’ he said

The meeting concluded with a commitment to reconvene soon to review progress and continue the dialogue on enhancing the impact of the Wan Fambul Framework.’ Our collective efforts are pivotal to driving sustainable development in our communities’remarked  Massally as the meeting was adjourned

The next meeting is expected to focus on reviewing the outcomes of the proposed initiatives and further discussions on enhancing the visibility and impact of the WFF.Also present at the meeting included Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs,Fiscal Decentralization,Ministry of Finance and the representative  from the Office of the Vice President


Mokellay community starts construction of village barray

After several months of contributions to the village basket solely designed for every member of the village to help develop planned activities outlined in the Village Development Process(VDP),residents of Mokellay,Fakunya chiefdom,Moyamba district have started constructing their community barray,This project was proposed during the launching of the VDP last year

A new barray reaches wall height


According to one of the VDC members,Alimamy Koroma at the very first village engagement with members of the village the idea of constructing a barray came up during discussion period and through the collaborative efforts of VDP structures(VDC,Peace mothers,mediators and youth group it was agreed to transform one of the dilapidated structures to a place where everyone  will  have access to in terms of meetings and other social activities

‘We have started work with what we have gathered and faces challenges such as how to get roofing zinc especially as the rains have started’Alimamy concluded

The chiefdom animator for Fakunya chiefdom,Philip Moiwo expressed gratitude to Fambul Tok for the Village Development Process adding that through the process communities are now working collaboratively to embark on development initiatives

With enthusiasm radiating from Mokellay residents,the call for support echoes beyond their borders.Organizations and individuals,especially those with ties to the region, are urged to lend a helping hand in realizing  this endeavor

Fambul Tok supports Soa chiefdom to get new radio station

The Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs on Saturday,May 18,2024,officially opened the Soa community radio in Kainkordu,chiefdom headquarter town of Soa chiefdom,Kono district.This radio was established to  tell and broadcast stories of the chiefdom and wider communities.The initiative was supported by Fambul Tok through the Human Security project that chose Soa as a pilot phase

Minister Lamina speaks at the occasion

Welcoming guests and the people of the chiefdom,PC Emmanuel Tamba Foyor extended gratitude to parners who supported the initiative and praised the charismatic leadership of the Minister that has ushered in several visible developments to the chiefdom and the country at large

He said it was through Minister Lamin’s frequent touch with his people that he was able to figure out the essence of Fambul Tok’s intervention in Soa chiefdom and when he discussed with Executive Director,John Caulker.he assured him that if the community could construct the building,he would provide the transmitter,which he delivered as promised

The chief also acknowledged the timely intervention of indigenous people of the chiefdom  including Alhaji Kallon,Augustine Sheku,the Minister and many other descendants who in diverse ways made immense contributions both in kind and in cash

In his keynote address,Minister Lamina assured the audience that he will continue to look out for more opportunities through every legal means that will impact lives noting that when communities have true leadership and are united,their shared vision always attracts partners support to impact their lives more.He called on all residents of the chiefdom and beyond to own the radio station and help in their little ways to see it grow

Fambul Tok Executive Director,John Caulker in his short remarks mentioned that the organization under the Human Security project worked with stakeholders in three chiefdoms-Gbense ,Kamara and Soa.He added that the initiative of a radio station in Soa was discussed with him through the MInister of Local Government.He went on to state that with the efforts of the Paramount chief to construct the building he promised to deliver a transmitter and today the people of Soa are proud to get their own radio station

The station manager,Madam Mamie Tambo highlighted some of the major constrains which include solar panels,mobility ,salaries  and core training for staff.She called on stakeholders to continue with their usual interventions to ensure that the radio meets the expected standards in terms of quality and consistent broadcasting

Speakers ranging from SLBC Director,Edxecutive Director of Fambul Tok,Council of Paramount chiefs and partners applauded the collective efforts of the chiefdom people in actualizing this milestone achievement in Soa chiefdom which will be replicated in other chiefdoms in Kono district

PC Foryoh and other guests

Komende village embarks on school construction project

In an inspiring display of unity and determination,Komende village is making strides towards constructing a much needed primary school.The Village Development Committee(VDC).in partnership with Peace mothers and  Community Youth for Peace and Development (CyPAD) group,is turning their long-held vision into reality

‘We dont want to leave the plan in the hands of stakeholders only,that is the reason we are working with them to ensure our dream becomes real,”emphasized Mariatu Barrie,chiefdom animator for Bagruwa

The initiative stems from the community’s recognition of the challenges faced by children who have to trek long distances for education.Through the Monthly Community Meeting,villagers have been pooling resources into a community fund,overcoming obstacles to achieve tangible progress

Collection of local materials


Dauda Maligie,VDC Chairman, expressed his delight at the recent collaboration efforts,highlighting the collection of local materials as a significant milestone.’As Fambul Tok has taught us how to work to develop ourselves,we dont want that to go in vain’,he emphazed. We have collected over Le5,000 through the basket,and more will follow as we work

Contributing to the cause,CyPAD chairman Mohamed Leigh shared the group’s dedication,revealing their fund raising efforts through labor exercises.He also mentioned the formation of a football team aimed at promoting peace within the community

With enthusiasm radiating from Komende residents,the call for support echoes beyond their borders.Organizations and individuals,especially those with ties to the region,are urged to lend a helping hand in realizing this wonderful  endeavor


Residents of Tombay Village rally together to fund water well project

Residents  of Tombay Village in Fakunya Chiefdom, Moyamba District have  come together in a commendable display of community spirit,raising approximately  8,000 Leones (equivalent to $350) towards the construction of a much needed water well

The initiative aims to provide clean and accessible water to 500 villagers.During their Monthly Community Meeting held in Tombay village on the 26th April,2024. John Sesay,chairman of the Village Development Committee,proudly announced the significant achievement

‘The exact amount raised was seven thousand nine hundred and sixty three leones(7,963),which came from the proceeds of the village basket initiative’stated Mr,Sesay

The decision to undertake this project was prompted by the pressing need for accessible water within the community.’Water is one of the needs here,our children and women go far off to

off to fetch a bucket’lamented Mr.Sesay

Recognizing the slow progress of intial monthly contributions.the community devised a new strategy to accelerate fundraising efforts.In strategy to help increase village funds to embark on the proposed water well project.’ In February,we decided to design a new strategy to embark on the proposed water well project,explained Mr,Sesay.

The strategy involved in mobilising stakeholders and households to actively participate in fundraising activities.Following unanimous agreement during the Monthly Community Meeting residents began contributing ten leones every Friday,resulting in 106 villagers actively participating in the initiative

The community’s dedication to the cause bore fruit,with over 7,000 leones collected in just seven weeks.

Looking ahead,the committee aims to continue multiplying the funds through loans to earn more interest rates

Additionally,residents are contributing to a special social fund,with each individual pledging 100 leones every Friday.This fund, totaling 719 leones,is earmarked to assist community members in times of dire need

The collaborative  effort demonstrated by the residents of Tombay village underscores the power of community driven initiatives in addressing pressing needs.As they continue to work towards their goal,there collective resolve serves as an inspiration for neighboring villages and communities facing similar challenges

He said before the hosting of their February Community Monthly Meeting ideas started coming  in mainly from other members of the VDC. In their monthly meeting it was unanimously agreed to work with stakeholders and households to increase fund raising drive.

After series of engagements with heads of households in the village,it was agreed that every member contribute Le10 every Friday in the month and now 106 people in Tombay are responding to the trend.

In a just concluded Community Monthly Meeting for April,it was announced that just after seven weeks of contributions they now have over Le7,000 at their disposal hoping to continue multiplying it through loans to earn more interest rates Apart from the village basket Tombay residents are also contributing towards a special social fund which  each  individual pays Le100 on each Friday.This social fund has reached Le719 and is tagged towards assisting community members when they are in dire need for help

Fambul Tok director commends Peace mothers on International Women’s Day

The executive director of Fambul Tok,John Caulker delivered a stirring address at a gathering of peace mothers’ groups.underscoring their profound impact on society.He emphasized the pivotal role these groups play in fostering peace,harmony and reconciliation,asserting that their influence is fundamental to shaping the world today

Speaking at an annual conference sharing event held on International Women’s Day in Bendukura,Koinadugu district Caulker highlighted the importance of providing a platform for women to exchange stories and discuss their ongoing efforts to promote peace and unity their communities.

Supported by Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace,the event aims to elevate women’s voices and experiences in the pursuit of peace and development in Sierra Leone

As an organization,we have a duty  to prioritize these conversations in our peace building and  development efforts,John Caulker affirmed.He urged society to use the occasion to reaffirm commitments to advancing women’s rights and participation in all facets of life

Fatima Mansaray,Chairlady of Bendukura peace mothers group spoke passionately about the group’s transformative role as a sanctuary for women in the community

We, as mothers are committed to prioritizing the peaceful cohesion of our community,Fatima asserted ‘through our efforts we have reconciled longstanding adversaries and remain steadfast in our pursuit of peace  and development

Aminata Kargbo,leader of the Peace mothers group in Gbengbebu,Moyamba  district during the celebration in her village expressed gratitude to Fambul Tok for providing the very first platform for women in her community witness such event

In Upper Bambara chiefdom,Kailahun district,peace mothers from different villages convened and were giving the chance to  interact and share ideas they have gained through Fambul Tok ‘s intervention

Tongea Peace mothers confirm contribution to build barray

Peace mothers in Kongbora chiefdom within  the Moyamba district,proudly  announce their successful fundraising efforts to kick start the construction of a court barray in Tongea village

Peace mothers during fund raising venture

The financial resources for this important project been diligently gathered through their ‘Osusu’ initiative,a village cooperative that has pivotal in their community’s progress.The chiarlady Iye Mosima happily reports that they have earlier identified suitable land for the project which will commence soon

In addition to their remarkable initiative in constructing the barray,these enterprising women  have also ventured into gari processing and groundnut farming further contributing to the development and prosperity of their community

Community Animator  who also works with the women in the chiefdom Joseph Alpha said Peace mothers are taking lead in most of the development projects in the chiefdom.He added that one of the major challenges is now the procurement of steel plate which is highly in need but very expensive,calling on humanitarian organisations to respond to this request as acreages of cassava plantation will be ready for processing in the dry season

Mediators and Peace mothers collaborate to construct community health center

Community Welfare and Mediation Committee members in collaboration with Peace mothers in Kovella section,Faknuya chiefdom,Moyamba district are contributing cash to finish  construct ion of a health centre in Mongere township

Peace mothers working very hard to achieve more

According to the acting section chief,Mohamed Jusu immediately after mediators and peace mothers were had refresher sessions in 2023,they decided to embark on one of the most difficult things that had to do with health system.’Contribution kicked off immediately and the whole of 2023 was used to collect cash backed up with help from few people that hail from the section’adding that ‘work started at the end of the raining season and today we are proud of Fambul Tok structures that work together to achieve our goal’

‘This is one of our achievements in this section as over 16 villages are far away to access health centre in the chiefdom’said Peace mothers chair lady, Fatmata Tommy

Peace mothers collaborate with mediators to construct secondary school

Peace mothers in collaboration with Community Welfare and Mediation Committee members through Chiefdom Animator have initiated an extensive cassava farming project in the Lengekoro community,Diang chiefdom,Koinadugu district.The primary objective is to establish a senior secondary school,addressing the challenge of students having to trek long distances for higher education.

Chiefdom animator,Karifa Kamara emphasized the valuable knowledge gained from Fambul Tok,which they are applying to self sustain.Additional.he disclosed plans to acquire a cassava grater machine,aiming to venture into large scale gari production