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John Caulker is quoted in the Washington Post piece, “The Fight to Save the Last Ebola-free district in Sierra Leone” on keeping Koinadugu District Ebola-free.

Listen to John Caulker’s interview on Radio France International about efforts to address Ebola in Sierra Leone, including Fambul Tok’s unique contribution in rural communities.

Listen to “The Woman Who Forgave Her Rapist,” a BBC World Service – Outlook radio interview with Satta Joe, a woman who, with the support of Fambul Tok, forgave the man who raped her during the war.

Watch Fambul Tok co-founder Libby Hoffman’s TEDx talk on Fambul Tok, entitled “Justice in the Round: Fambul Tok and Community Healing,” given at Cape Elizabeth High School in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in December 2012.

Watch Libby Hoffman’s TEDx talk on Fambul Tok, entitled “Forgiving the Unforgivable,” given at TEDxDirigo in Portland, Maine in the fall of 2011.

Fambul Tok was named one of West Africa’s “most important face-to-face community owned programmes” in an article posted by the Commonwealth Journalists Association of the UK, which examined the effect of the Charles Taylor conviction on the people of Sierra Leone. Fambul Tok co-founders Libby Hoffman and John Caulker are quoted.

Listen to this interview with Executive Director John Caulker, entitled Reconciliation in Sierra Leone, on American Public Radio’s The Story, from Aug. 25, 2011.

Seeking Forgiveness. BBC World Service, November 15, 2010. In 1998, Tombudu town in Sierra Leone’s diamond-rich Kono district, was the scene of multiple atrocities where people were raped, shot, amputated and burnt alive. The rebel junta AFRC had lost grip on power and a military commander called Colonel Savage but also known as Mr Die, gave orders for the atrocities to be committed. Now, eight years after the end of the war, he has returned with Fambul Tok to Tombudu to apologise.

Implementation of the TRC recommendations: the Sierra Leonean experience. Interview with John Caulker, Executive Director of the Sierra Leonean NGO Fambul Tok International on Let’s Face It, a radio program of the International Center for Transitional Justice and UNMIL radio in Liberia. (45:13)

“‘Family Talk’ Heals Old Civil War Wounds in Rural Sierra Leone.” Print and audio story of a Fambul Tok bonfire ceremony on VOA News, by Fid Thompson, June 7, 2010.

How the West Sees Africa: Are We Using the Wrong Lens? KCRW radio show guest hosted by Fambul Tok collaborator Sara Terry—and featuring Fambul Tok President John Caulker. July 16, 2010

“Forgiving the Unforgivable: Community Reconciliation in Sierra Leone.” In depth profile of Fambul Tok on internationally syndicated public radio show A World of Possibilities, with host Mark Sommer.  February, 2010.

“Sierra Leone: No Easy Road to Reconciliation,” by Lansana Fofana, IPS News, 3/25/10.

“Fambul Tok Reconciliation Project,” Soul Beat Africa, The Communication Initiative Network, 3/12/10.

Family Talk’ Empowers Sierra Leone to Move Past Civil Conflict,” on, a news program of U.S. Department of State. 25 March, 2009

Path to Healing In War-Torn Sierra Leone by Elisabeth Hoffman, in Peacebuilder, Eastern Mennonite University, Fall/Winter 2008, p. 8.

Reconciliation in Sierra Leone: Local Processes Yield Global Lessons by Elisabeth Hoffman in The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Summer 2008.  Our own Libby Hoffman explores what the world can learn from the community reconciliation efforts of Fambul Tok.

Don’t miss this three-part feature from The Christian Science Monitor on Fambul Tok.

Sierra Leone Ex-Combatants Make Peace with Victims from Agence France-Presse, 5 April 2008

Former Sierra Leone Fighters Make Peace with Victims in Mail & Guardian Online, 6 April 2008

A sampling of national press in Sierra Leone

“Women Call for Support.” Fambul Tok’s women’s groups, known as the Peace Mothers, welcome contributions towards their peace farms in The Exclusive Press, 4/23/10.

“Fambul Tok creates space, says John Caulker,” by Sheik Sesay, The Exclusive Press, 3/23/10.

“Fambul Tok goes online,” Concord Times, 3/5/10.

“Kargboro land dispute resolved,” Concord Times, 2/23/10.

“Traditional leaders embrace Fambul Tok,” Concord Times, 2/8/10.

“Uniting perpetrators and victims of war,” Concord Times, 2/8/10.

“’Fambul Tok is healing our wounds’- Section Chief says’” by Solomon Yajor, 22 November 2009

Local community takes the lead in healing the scars of war,” by Sahr Komba, Cotton Tree News, 03 July 2009.

“FAMBUL TOK SUPPORTS KONO AND MOYAMBA WITH 56 BICYCLES,” in The Exclusive News Paper, 18 May, 2009

Bomaru Chief wants National Holiday for May 23, 1991 by Ishmael Bayoh

‘Fambul Tok’ Welcomes Special Court Verdict on RUF by Abdul Karim Koroma

Kailahun People Welcomes Special Court Verdict by Abu Bakarr Munu

Kailahun Calls on Govt to Declare March 23 National Day for Reflection”Forum of Conscience on ‘Fambul TOK’ in Sierra Leone” in the Awareness Times: Sierra Leone News and Information, 23 June 2008

“Sierra Leone: Fambul Tok Exported to Parliament” in Concord News (Freetown), 23 June 2008

“Forgiving the Past to Live Today” in The National, 13 May 2008

“Sierra Leone: ‘Fambul Tok’ Reveals the Untold Stories” in Concord News (Freetown), 5 May 2008

West Africa, Sierra Leone ex-combatants make peace with victims in Relief Web, 5 April 2008
Reports on Fambul Tok with perspective from John Caulker and Forum of Conscience, and describes a healing ceremony in the Kailahun District.

Fambul Tok boosts Kailahun District Council in Sierra Leone in the Awareness Times: Sierra Leone News and Information, 9 April 2008

Sierra Leone: Fambul Tok to Compliment Role of TRC in Concord News (Freetown), 8 January 2008
Introduces Fambul Tok as filling the void that the Special Court of Sierra Leone and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission failed to address – that of reconciliation.

Reconciliation lies with Sierra Leoneans in the Concord Times (Freetown), 18 January 2008

Sierra Leone: Fambul Tok Consultations Kick Start in Moyamba, Kenema in Concord News (Freetown), 22 January 2008
This story discusses the beginning of consultations in Moyamba and Kenema and interviews community leaders about why Fambul Tok is needed.

Peace monitors end training: Thirty five participants from fourteen chiefdoms in the Kailahun District have completed a five-day training program on peace and reconciliation in the Awareness Times: Sierra Leone News and Information, 29 February 2008