NTC convenes 2024 meeting to discuss progress and strategic actions

The National Technical Committee(NTC) of the Wan Fambul National Framework(WFNF) recently convened its latest meeting to discuss the ongoing and future initiatives under the Wan Fambul Framework,The gathering,which was held at the Fambul Tok conference hall in Freetown was to receive updates on the framework and follow up on actions from the previous meeting

NTC meeting  in progress

John Caulker,Executive Director of Fambul Tok,commenced the session by introducing and welcoming the newly appointed Chairman of NTC,to the inaugural meeting

‘We are thrilled to have Mr,Eric Massally leading us as we continue our efforts to foster peace and development within our communities’Caulker stated

Massally,the new chairman and also Director of NGO Affairs at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development,expressed his gratitude to all attendees and welcome participants,outlining the meeting’s purpose

‘Our goal is to ensure that our strategies are inclusive and impactful,addressing the needs of all stakeholders’ Massally noted.The committee outlined several action points to drive the WFF initiatives forward

John Caulker again highlighted the importance of these strategic actions in promoting collaboration and inclusivity.’By involving diverse stakeholders and ensuring transparent communication,we can achieve our shared goals more effectively’ he said

The meeting concluded with a commitment to reconvene soon to review progress and continue the dialogue on enhancing the impact of the Wan Fambul Framework.’ Our collective efforts are pivotal to driving sustainable development in our communities’remarked  Massally as the meeting was adjourned

The next meeting is expected to focus on reviewing the outcomes of the proposed initiatives and further discussions on enhancing the visibility and impact of the WFF.Also present at the meeting included Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs,Fiscal Decentralization,Ministry of Finance and the representative  from the Office of the Vice President