We are dedicated to advancing peace by mobilizing ordinary people—entire communities ravaged by war—in the hard work of reconciliation.

Fambul Tok International – Sierra Leone (FTI-SL) originated in the realization that peace can’t be imposed from the outside, or from the top down.  Nor does it need to be.  The community led and owned reconciliation process we support, witness and celebrate in Sierra Leone are teaching us that communities have within them the resources they need for their own healing.  We believe the Fambul Tok process has much to offer other post-conflict countries—and the western world.


The very people and places most ravaged by war can also be the most powerful resources in the painstaking work of rebuilding lives, reknitting communities, reconstructing nations. And yet the people most impacted by war are often the least consulted by the international community in post-war rebuilding efforts. With Fambul Tok, we recognize the transformative power of what is often overlooked — the courage and grace of ordinary people; the communal impulse to be whole again and to move past the ravages of the war; the cultural wealth of traditions and practices of reconciliation. Recognizing and building upon these resources is at the heart of the Fambul Tok approach.

Fambul Tok is modeling a new, community-led approach to post-war reconstruction that walks alongside ordinary people, helping them reawaken cultural practices of acknowledgement, apology and forgiveness; rebuild their communities; and lay the groundwork for development and sustainable peace.  The work in post-conflict settings reveals the implications of the Fambul Tok process in any setting, and helps unleash the power of a “whole community.”



We are dedicated to advancing peace by mobilizing ordinary people—entire communities ravaged by war—in the hard work of reconciliation.

See Fambul Tok in action in Sierra Leone.


The stories shared in these community “family circles” reverberate far beyond the light of the community bonfire. We partner with Catalyst for Peace to “expand the tok” — to help the world see these stories more clearly and learn from them more fully.  What’s possible in your community?  Let these stories inspire you to new possibilities.

Take your seat at a truth-telling bonfire through the Fambul Tok film or the Fambul Tok book.


At the heart of the Fambul Tok approach is our commitment to sharing forward what we’ve learned on the ground with others interested in the practice of community reconciliation. We consult with individuals and organizations that want to practice community reconciliation.  And we partner with Catalyst for Peace to develop and implement curriculum that illuminates the broader applications of fambul tok in classroom and community settings.

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