Mokellay community starts construction of village barray

After several months of contributions to the village basket solely designed for every member of the village to help develop planned activities outlined in the Village Development Process(VDP),residents of Mokellay,Fakunya chiefdom,Moyamba district have started constructing their community barray,This project was proposed during the launching of the VDP last year

A new barray reaches wall height


According to one of the VDC members,Alimamy Koroma at the very first village engagement with members of the village the idea of constructing a barray came up during discussion period and through the collaborative efforts of VDP structures(VDC,Peace mothers,mediators and youth group it was agreed to transform one of the dilapidated structures to a place where everyone  will  have access to in terms of meetings and other social activities

‘We have started work with what we have gathered and faces challenges such as how to get roofing zinc especially as the rains have started’Alimamy concluded

The chiefdom animator for Fakunya chiefdom,Philip Moiwo expressed gratitude to Fambul Tok for the Village Development Process adding that through the process communities are now working collaboratively to embark on development initiatives

With enthusiasm radiating from Mokellay residents,the call for support echoes beyond their borders.Organizations and individuals,especially those with ties to the region, are urged to lend a helping hand in realizing  this endeavor