Wan Fambul Framework

A ground-up, people-powered dialogue charting Sierra Leone’s path forward and creating a new generation of community leaders.


The People’s Planning Process is designed to make sure that all voices are heard at the village level


Mobilizing local leadership, communities create plans for their own progress and development

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The Wan Fambul Framework applies the People’s Planning Process to national issues and events

Wan Fambul

Today Sierra Leone is showing the world a new way to build peace — from the inside out

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WhatsApp Telephones in District Offices

  • IDC Kailahun  +23278946979
  • IDC Moyamba  +23276717758
  • IDC Koinadugu  +23275430418
  • IDC Pujehun  +23275504139

From The Fambul Tok Blog

Peace mothers focus on raising capital from soap making

Peace mothers of Mobonor section,Kongbora chiefdom,Moyamba district have produced huge quantities of locally made ‘Africana’ soap to sell and raise funds to increase the micro credit loan capital Chairlady of the group.Hawa Kandeh said the product would be distributed to group members to be sold at reasonable cost and... Read More >

Fambul Tok completes training of Mediators

The Community Welfare and Mediation Committees (CWMCs) have been established to facilitate dialogue in addressing existing community level disputes or key concerns that threaten peace and development.This is also an important component in Fambuk’s drive to promote,healing,reconciliation and development following Sierra Leone’s 11 years civil war.It supports the process... Read More >