Wan Fambul Framework

A ground-up, people-powered dialogue charting Sierra Leone’s path forward and creating a new generation of community leaders.


The People’s Planning Process is designed to make sure that all voices are heard at the village level


Mobilizing local leadership, communities create plans for their own progress and development

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The Wan Fambul Framework applies the People’s Planning Process to national issues and events

Wan Fambul

Today Sierra Leone is showing the world a new way to build peace — from the inside out

Global Learning

WhatsApp Telephones in District Offices

  • IDC Kailahun  +23278946979
  • IDC Moyamba  +23276717758
  • IDC Koinadugu  +23275430418
  • IDC Pujehun  +23275504139

From The Fambul Tok Blog

Kowama villagers embrace visually impaired man

It was unbelievable for Pa Morie Musa for the whole Kowama village to openly apologized and embraced him once again during traditional burn fire last Thursday.The visually impaired man has been totally abandoned by his people including immediate family members many years ago. Testifying during the burn fire,he said... Read More >

Fambul Tok International calls on Sierra Leoneans to embrace peace and national cohesion

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, 21st September 2022 with the theme: “End Tribalism. Build Peace and National Cohesion”, we at Fambul Tok International- Sierra Leone want to use this moment to re-echo and fully share in the message of strengthening the ideals... Read More >