We have an internship/volunteer placement program based out of our offices in Sierra Leone.

We are able to host interns/volunteers during two periods each year:

  • January to April
  • June to October

If you wish to come between January and April, applications should be received by 15 September. A decision will be communicated by 30 September at the latest.

If you wish to come between June and October, applications must be received by 15 March. A decision will communicated by 31 March at the latest.

We will only consider applications outside of this application cycle in exceptional circumstances. Interns/volunteers must be willing to come for a minimum of two months.

Applicants will be asked to fill in an application form, provide a CV and be able to give us evidence that you are able to cover all your transport, accommodation and subsistence costs without our assistance. Fambul Tok currently has no funds in its budget for internships. If your application is successful, Fambul Tok and you will sign a ‘memorandum of understanding’ which will specify the terms of the internship.

In order to apply, contact Jon Lunn, Acting Convenor of the Fambul Tok Advisory Group, via: jlunn@fambultok.org

UPDATE (issued April 2013): Please note that, until further notice, we will be giving priority to applicants who can demonstrate skills and experience in website management, including the generation of original content for the Fambul Tok blog.