Open letter to Sierra Leoneans on the Millennium Challenge Corporation


To All Sierra Leoneans,
We are delighted to share the momentous news that the Millennium Challenge Corporation
(MCC) has approved a substantial grant of $480 million to develop Sierra Leone’s energy sector.
This investment marks a pivotal step in our nation’s journey towards sustainable development
and an improved quality of life for all citizens.
For years, our country has faced significant challenges, including under-investment, poor
governance, and a lack of access to essential services like electricity and clean water. This grant
from the MCC is a beacon of hope, promising to transform the energy sector and, consequently,
the lives of millions of Sierra Leoneans. With 70% of our population currently without access to
electricity, this support will bring affordable energy to 4.6 million people, fueling economic
growth and improving living standards. The MCC’s recognition of this urgent need underscores
the importance of this transformative grant.
We recognize this grant as a significant achievement for the ruling SLPP-led government. At the
same time, we acknowledge that the opposition has consistently used the MCC as a negotiating
tool to seek electoral gains. It is imperative for both SLPP and APC political parties to see this as
a victory for all Sierra Leoneans under the leadership of His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada
Bio and his Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh. This grant is not just a political win; it is a
testament to our country’s potential for unity and progress.
Fambul Tok believes the MCC grant is a convergence point for both political parties. This grant
addresses a fundamental need and serves as a crucial step towards Sierra Leone’s transition to
an industrial economy in West Africa. This investment will improve energy access, stimulate
economic activities, create jobs, and foster innovation across various sectors of our economy. It
presents an opportunity for all of us to unite for the greater good of our nation.
We extend our sincere congratulations to the government of Sierra Leone for this remarkable
achievement. President Bio and his administration have shown commendable dedication to good
governance to meet the threshold set by the United States of America, which has been crucial in
earning the trust and support of the MCC. President Bio remarked, “This significant investment
in our country’s energy sector will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the lives of citizens. It
also reinforces our commitment to promoting good governance and sustainable development.”

Therefore, we appeal to the opposition All People’s Congress (APC), under the leadership of Dr.
Samura Kamara, to work with the government in implementing this project. This collaborative
effort, encapsulated in the work of the Tripartite Committee established under resolution three
of the Agreement for National Unity, is vital for our nation’s progress.
The MCC’s decision to invest in our energy sector arrives at a critical time. As highlighted in their
announcement, “In Sierra Leone, 70 percent of the population does not have access to electricity.
The MCC compact with Sierra Leone is important for its potential to deliver affordable energy for
4.6 million people.”
Furthermore, this grant recognizes the efforts to implement the Agreement for National Unity
and the delivery of the draft Electoral Review Committee report. The MCC emphasized, “These
actions taken to date represent a critical advancement of efforts to strengthen Sierra Leone’s
democratic and electoral institutions following the June 2023 elections.” It is essential to
maintain and build upon this progress to ensure the long-term benefits of this investment.
As we enter this new chapter, we urge all Sierra Leoneans to embrace the MCC’s investment with
unity and optimism. Let us work together to ensure the successful implementation of this project,
which promises to usher in a brighter, more prosperous future for our nation. By fostering a spirit
of cooperation and collective responsibility, we can maximize the impact of this grant and achieve
lasting progress.
We encourage every citizen to play their part in supporting this initiative. Whether through
community engagement, advocacy, or simply spreading awareness, every effort is valuable.
Together, we can transform our energy landscape and establish a new standard for sustainable
development in Sierra Leone.
In unity and hope,
Fambul Tok Sierra Leone
For more enquiries, please contact:
Solomon Yarjoh, Communications Officer: +232 78 84 11 51
James Samba, Communications Consultant: +232 76 74 32 02