Village Development Committees are vital in promoting community development

The deputy minister of Local Government and Community Affairs,Alfred Jamiru has emphasized the importance of the Village Development Committees(VDCs) in promoting community ownership of projects during a session held in Feikiya village,Sandor chiefdom,Kono district

‘For our communities to thrive,we must prioritize unity and harmony‘Jamiru  said adding’Village Development Committees play a vital role in achieving these goals by bringing people together to work towards common objectives’

The Minister highlighted the significance of community ownership in development projects’VDCs give the leverage to design and implement their own projects’he explained,adding’ this ensures that initiatives are tailored to local needs and can be effectively channeled through local councils for support and resources’

In his speech at the occasion,Executive Director of Fambul Tok said the ‘wan fambul framework addresses locally grown problems and provides practical solutions by focusing on issues unique to each community

He added that the framework aligns with the big five game changers, a set of strategic priorities aimed at transforming communities and driving sustainable development.

The Executive Director lay emphasis on the structural support the frameork provides for setting up the VDCs,’these committees are instrumental in fostering peace and designing projects that suit the speccific needs of their communities‘he said

Caulker went on to state that the wan fambul framework empowers communities to take control of their development,promoting self reliance and long term sustainability,’This is why Fambul Tok is helping to build a more prosperous and harmonious future for all,he said

The session in Sinkongofeh section highlighted the transformative potential of Village Development Committees and the wan fambul framework,With strong support from the  government and local communities,this initiative is set to make significant impact on community development across Sierra Leone