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There are many peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives across Africa, as well as other parts of the world, that draw on indigenous and traditional practices common in many African cultures.  Most of these initiatives are operating in isolation.  There isn’t yet a place for the individuals and organizations engaged in this kind of practice to come together in conversation — to share experiences, ask questions, debate, develop theory, and in general to learn from each other.  We at FTI would love to see that conversation happen, and to help foster it.

That is just what we are hoping to do with this Forum.  While it is in development, we wanted to ask YOU to help us shape it.

  • What are the conversations you would most like to participate in? And with whom?
  • What are the central questions that you think this Forum can engage?
  • What are the questions you most want input on from colleagues across Africa?
  • What are the questions that can help move the practice of community reconciliation and traditional justice forward?

Send us your ideas

You can also join the conversation by following our blog – From the Front Lines of Peace.