the healing power of community

We are dedicated to advancing peace by mobilizing ordinary people—entire communities ravaged by war—in the hard work of reconciliation.

Fambul Tok originated in the realization that peace can’t be imposed from the outside, or the top down. Nor does it need to be. The community led and owned peacebuilding we support, witness and celebrate in Sierra Leone are teaching us that communities have within them the resources they need for their own healing.  We believe this process has much to offer other post-conflict countries—and the world.  more >

what is fambul tok?

Fambul Tok, Krio for Family Talk, emerged from the unique approach to community reconciliation pioneered in Sierra Leone.

Once divided and devastated by an 11-year civil war, Sierra Leoneans now draw on ancient traditions of addressing issues within the safety of the family circle to make their communities whole again.

In Pictures

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In Words

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In Film

View a video introduction to Fambul Tok and watch the documentary film made about Fambul Tok.

from the front lines
of peace

  • 515 Peace Mothers trained in Koinadugu  Today in Koinadugu,Peace Mother head,Hawa Conteh,explained “we are crossing rivers and treacherous bridges in order to reach our compatriots in remote areas because we believe in the cause of the pe … Read More
  • PPP Rolls out to more chiefdomsThe People’s Planning Process(PPP) is an inclusive process,leading to community-owned plans for recovery,peace building and development platforms. It has gained momentum especially in districts that h … Read More

what's new?

The story of Satta Joe, a woman living in Yengema village, Kailahun District, was recently featured on the BBC World Service - Outlook podcast. In this interview, Satta explains how Fambul Tok helped her to forgive the man who raped her during the war.

All across Sierra Leone, women are leading their communities to peace.

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