Fambul Tok director commends Peace mothers on International Women’s Day

The executive director of Fambul Tok,John Caulker delivered a stirring address at a gathering of peace mothers’ groups.underscoring their profound impact on society.He emphasized the pivotal role these groups play in fostering peace,harmony and reconciliation,asserting that their influence is fundamental to shaping the world today

Speaking at an annual conference sharing event held on International Women’s Day in Bendukura,Koinadugu district Caulker highlighted the importance of providing a platform for women to exchange stories and discuss their ongoing efforts to promote peace and unity their communities.

Supported by Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace,the event aims to elevate women’s voices and experiences in the pursuit of peace and development in Sierra Leone

As an organization,we have a duty  to prioritize these conversations in our peace building and  development efforts,John Caulker affirmed.He urged society to use the occasion to reaffirm commitments to advancing women’s rights and participation in all facets of life

Fatima Mansaray,Chairlady of Bendukura peace mothers group spoke passionately about the group’s transformative role as a sanctuary for women in the community

We, as mothers are committed to prioritizing the peaceful cohesion of our community,Fatima asserted ‘through our efforts we have reconciled longstanding adversaries and remain steadfast in our pursuit of peace  and development

Aminata Kargbo,leader of the Peace mothers group in Gbengbebu,Moyamba  district during the celebration in her village expressed gratitude to Fambul Tok for providing the very first platform for women in her community witness such event

In Upper Bambara chiefdom,Kailahun district,peace mothers from different villages convened and were giving the chance to  interact and share ideas they have gained through Fambul Tok ‘s intervention