Tongea Peace mothers confirm contribution to build barray

Peace mothers in Kongbora chiefdom within  the Moyamba district,proudly  announce their successful fundraising efforts to kick start the construction of a court barray in Tongea village

Peace mothers during fund raising venture

The financial resources for this important project been diligently gathered through their ‘Osusu’ initiative,a village cooperative that has pivotal in their community’s progress.The chiarlady Iye Mosima happily reports that they have earlier identified suitable land for the project which will commence soon

In addition to their remarkable initiative in constructing the barray,these enterprising women  have also ventured into gari processing and groundnut farming further contributing to the development and prosperity of their community

Community Animator  who also works with the women in the chiefdom Joseph Alpha said Peace mothers are taking lead in most of the development projects in the chiefdom.He added that one of the major challenges is now the procurement of steel plate which is highly in need but very expensive,calling on humanitarian organisations to respond to this request as acreages of cassava plantation will be ready for processing in the dry season