Zimmi Makpele Holds Chiefdom Dialogue

Fambul Tok facilitates

Zimmi Chiefdom Dialogue

chiefdom level stakeholders dialogue on Tuesday 27th July 2021 at the community centre in Zimmi Town, Makpele chiefdom Pujehun district, southern Sierra Leone.

In continuation of the project: Mitigating Local Resource Based Conflicts and Increasing Community Resilience. The dialogue meeting serves as a follow up actions from the last GRC meeting held early July 2021. After the opening ceremony, the paramount chief, PC Saffa M Tamu welcome all those present for the meeting stating that he didn’t have any doubts on Fambul Tok’s ability as they had shown commitment in building peace in his chiefdom. He expressed his joy and thanks to Fambul Tok for their relentless job and he further assured all those in attendance to “speak out their anger for a better chiefdom”.

The dialogue amplified women and youth voices to be heard far and wide, supported by UNDP, from the United Nations peace building fund. Participants engaged in group-work and identified issues affecting the peace and development of the chiefdom.