Yagala Village gathers local materials to construct ‘dry floor’

The Village Development Committee members of Yagala village,Wara Wara Yagala chiefdom,Koinadugu district are working with villagers to mobilize resources for the construction of a store with dry floor.This project was earlier identified by Yagala community in one of the several village meetings during Fambul Tok engagement sessions to implement People’s Planning Process(PPP),

A pile of stones for construction

Speaking on the issue,Village Development Committee chairman,Alie Marah mentioned that the entire village has collected piles of sand and stones to start the project.

”During one of Fambul Tok trainings,each village was asked to bring in needs/things  each village wants to do and Yagala among many needs highlighted a store with a dry floor”Marah disclosed

Veronica Marah said it has been very difficult for villagers to process food items especially when the village has no store or dry floor.She stated that most of their food stuffs like rice,corn and other items perished as there were no place to process them.

Sand for the project

Treasurer of the VDC in Yagala,Charles Mansaray said the entire village has contributed which amounts to Le2,000.He said every household pays Le10 at the end of every month,adding that it will continue  to the end of the year.