WFNF Secretariat Holds Annual Planning Retreat

Fambul Tok, Wan Fambul National Framework Secretariat, Office of the Vice President (OVP), Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoDEP), Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD); and the International Advisory Support (IAS) group end Wan Fambul National Framework Annual Planning Retreat to discuss and finalize the 2022 work program in Tokkeh, in #Freetown.

Fambul Tok Executive Director John Caulker says:

IAS Facilitator Kyber Farahi and WFNF Retreat Participants

“the Framework will enable our communities to develop in a more peaceful and sustainable way”. He said the outcome of the retreat will be key in driving the WFNF programme for 2022. He thanked the OVP and government ministries, departments and agencies for their support and ownership of the Framework.

Dr. Sheka Bangura Director of Planning at MoDEP thanked participants for a fruitful engagement.

He said: “The debate was hot, provocative, healthy and productive”. He said all line ministries are now working from the same page and thanked IAS for their valuable support to the process.

Director of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Department at MoDEP Eric Massalay said the process will be of immense help to his department and NGO operations in the country.

Acting Deputy Director of Rural Development Mbalu Kamara said there is now linkages between the Chiefdom Development Coordinating Committee (CDCC) and District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) and she is happy that NGOs are now part of the DDCC.

IAS Facilitator and member of the Institute for State Effectiveness, Khyber Farahi said the sessions were illuminating and asked participants to do their best to protect the peace and development of their country, Sierra Leone.