Validation of Kamajei Chiefdom Plan

Kamajei Participants in Validation Session

Fambul Tok facilitates representatives from all seven sections in the Kamajei chiefdom, #Moyamba district, southern #SierraLeone, including chiefdom leaders, women’s representatives, Community Welfare and Mediation Committee (CWMC) members to meet in Gondama town to validate their chiefdom development plan for recovery and resilience.

Chiefdom Speaker Jeremy Lamboi welcome participants and says he is one of the happiest men in the chiefdom because of the successful validation of the plan. He said chiefdom development is very key and praised Fambul Tok for bringing up the idea of People’s Planning Process. He said: “Today’s gathering will cross check the development process each village has done as planned in the chiefdom document for the past two years. This will determine our level of development and progress so far”.

Emmanuel Mansaray explained how the chiefdom development coordination com

Kamajei Validation Participants

mittee will be formed and added that the committee will be responsible to develop and submit chiefdom plans to local council for appropriate action. He said the committee will report directly to the District Development Coordination Committee (DDCC) before the DDCC meets at any given time.

In the meeting an interim body to supervise the implementation process of the plan was set up until the official formation of the Chiefdom Development Coordinating Committee) CDCC by the Government of Sierra Leone through the  Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED) and the Wan Fambul Framework.