Training of Mediators Begins in Moyamba

Sembehun CWMC Training

Fambul Tok has kicked off training of Community Welfare and Mediation Committees in Bagruwa chiefdom, Moyamba district.

The session began on July 7th in Sembehun town and brought together men and women representatives from 15 villages.

Declaring the meeting open, Section Chief Madam Lucinda Lango said participants have expressed happiness since the last preparedness meeting and have yearned to take the process serious. She cautioned them to play participatory roles in the training, as it will be necessary to under take peacemaker roles in their villages.

Emmanuel Mansaray of Fambul Tok explained that it is very important to give communities the required training to be able to embark on peace, reconciliation and development.

He said Fambul Tok’s role is just to facilitate the process of People’s Planning Process so that communities will own and continue peace and development of their priority needs.

Joseph Benji talked on core values of Fambul Tok and said the organization does not compromise any of the core values

He called on participants to be steadfast and work with their villages for development aspirations.

Sadiatu Pessima called women to be fully involved as the Peoples Planning Process is very inclusive. She maintained that Fambul Tok would give full support to facilitate activities in the chiefdom.

During the session participants were taught skills on active communication, reconciliation, mediation and how to embark on community development.

Before the training ended a sectional executive was formed and first rotational meeting scheduled for July 20th in Sembehun

Each village brought in their priorities for the next two years.