Tongea Holds Bonfire And Reconciliation


On Monday 28th December 2020 Fambul Tok

Bonfire ceremony at Tangea

Healing and Reconciliation Ceremony

(FT) organised a truth-telling and reconciliation bonfire ceremony at Tongea section, Kongbora Chiefdom, in the Moyamba district with support from the African Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF).

Delivering his welcome address Tangea section chief Matthew Yamba Saspo said the bonfire ceremony is very timely. He said Tongea section is not short of disputes and these disputes should not be left unresolved. He welcomed FT and all members of the community to the bonfire ceremony.

Fambul Tok Sadiatu Pessima explained the role Peace Mothers have to play in maintaining peace in their communities. She encouraged women to take the lead in healing the wounds in their communities.

In her statement, Peace Mothers head Isatu Mosima called on peace mothers to be dedicated in their activities. She encouraged other women to join them, as membership is open.

The reconciliation committee successfully resolved nine cases including that of Momodu Sesay and the section elers.

Explaining to the reconciliation committee, Momodu Sesay expressed dissatisfaction over the treatment he received from section chief Matthew Y Saspo, section speaker Ernest Marva and town chief Abdul Hassan. Momodu Sesay said the three men accused him of stealing planks of boards from a nearby bush. He said they later found out that he bought the boards. Momodu said it was frustrating and disrespectful for him as he was preparing for the burial of his father-in-law. Chief Saspo apologized on behalf of the two but insisted that senior chiefdom authorities were behind the matter. They readily accepted reconciliation and shook hands.

The community members offered both Christian and Muslim prayers the following day.