The President is coming to Salone…

No not President Obama, but our very own Libby Hoffman.

Libby Hoffman, co-founder of FTI, will be visiting SL for ten days. She has no time to enjoy laka beach because she will be attending a monthly team meeting, meeting potential donors, visiting several communities, and witnessing a ceremony, hopefully in Koinadugu. A lot activities for ten days. All this will happen if the volcano in Iceland permits her to travel.

Last time Libby was here, at the end of January, she had the opportunity to visit two communities in Koinadugu District. Although the communities where in the same section their understanding of the program were on opposite sides of the spectrum. One community understood FTI’s approach and values clearly while the other one was asking for handouts. The community that was familiar with FTI’s approach hosted the 2nd anniversary where over 2000 people showed up. It was an amazing ceremony!

Since the inception of FT, Libby has actively visited the program in Sierra Leone. The Staff is looking forward to her arrival and want to wish her a safe flight to sweet salone.