Taninihun Gomoh Peace Mothers In Fund Raising Drive

Fambul Tok witnessed #Peace #Mothers soap making at Mogbasseke village in Taninihun Gomoh section, Dasse chiefdom, Moyamba district, southern sierra Leone with 35 village representatives. Monies collection from last sales or 1st production amounted to Le 472,000.

They did another batch of 750 packs estimated @ Le 1000 each. Proceeds will go towards peace making efforts in their chiefdom. #sustainability #womenatwork #genderequality

Taninihun Gomoh Section of Dasse Chiefdom in Meeting

Mogbasseke village Taninihun Gomoh section of Dasse chiefdom

Mogbasseke village, Peace Mothers Taninihun Gomoh Section of Dasse chiefdom in Work Session