Students compose first Fambul Tok peace anthem

This post was written by Princess Deigh, Field Staff Member and Contributing Blogger from Moyamba District.

Students of the Golden Academy of Science (GAS), Mokerewa town, Fakunya chiefdom, Moyamba district, have used their talents to compose the first ever Fambul Tok peace anthem.

Lyrics of the Fambul Tok anthem

The lyrics to the anthem are:

Fambul Tok members, how are you all?
Great is the love we have for you all.
Family united, ever we stand
Singing thy praise to the organization.
We raised up concerned and they were in favour
Of peace and reconciliation in our country.
Blessing Fambul Tok, how are you all?
We give you thanks and praise to you all.


The anthem is gradually becoming popular not only among Fambul Tok school club members but also other pupils in other schools in Mokerewa town.

Explaining to Fambul Tok staff during a follow up visit in the school, President of the peace club, Julius Trye, said it was born out of the desire to promote peace and unity among students in the school. He said the club decided to compose the words to fit into the values of Fambul Tok.

Students singing the new anthem

Julius disclosed that they are very much appreciative of the efforts of Fambul Tok in promoting sustainable peace and reconciliation,adding that they will also complement the organisation’s quest to ensure that reconciliation is deeply rooted in all communities in the country.

Performing a dramatic skit

The club’s Treasurer, Naomi Biayonga, called on her female colleagues to refrain from any act of violence, and help in promoting peace and reconciliation among pupils and the community. She stressed that they have been using different methods, including drama, to spread peace messages in school.

She highlighted a number of activities scheduled for June 16 (Day of the African Child), explaining that these activities gear toward teaching other pupils about Fambul Tok and how to make peace among themselves. They include football games, dance, feasting, and other celebrations and gatherings. The club also plans on performing a short play to promote Fambul Tok reconciliation practices and values.

Fambul Tok is working with two Junior Secondary Schools in each of its operational districts in the country to promote peace and reconciliation among student population.