Soa Chiefdom Showcases First Chiefdom Development Plan

Fambul Tok and Kono District Council hold Soa Chiefdom Development Coordinating Committee meeting (CDCC) to showcase their plan.  The peoples planning process (PPP) is an inside out process that captures the needs of the sections (CDCC) and cascades it to the district development plan (through the District Development Coordinating Committee)

Soa Chiefdom holds CDDC Meeting

that factors into the national development plan (MTDF).


In his welcome statement Soa Paramount Chief (PC) Emmanuel Tamba Torchel Foryo describes the engagement with Fambul Tok as a God sent opportunity. “Now we have realized that misunderstandings among us have stalled our development. Fambul Tok has opened our eyes. They supported the development of our chiefdom development plan. Now we have a road map for council, government, NGOs and investors about our felt needs. Now we own the development process!”

Fambul Tok Executive Director (FT ED) John Caulker said he is proud to be part of Soa chiefdom. He assures the chiefdom that government is committed to the PPP process and for the first time in history government has committed resource to the peoples planning process activities in the national budget. Our role is to get the villages and sections engaged with the process. He says he will like to see more women in meetings and asks the chiefdom and council to navigate ways how the can support meetings and activities in order to own up the process. “Fambul Tok and Partners are not going to be here forever. He asks the PC to make the chiefdom meetings rotational.

Decentralization Secretariat (DECSEC) Mustapha Korjie explains the importance of (MLG&RD) and emphasizes government priority on sustainable development and community ownership of the decentralization process.

Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED) Kallon emphasizes the special relationship between Fambul Tok and government as a first of its kind and asks the people of Soa chiefdom to make use of this unique opportunity to build their   communities.

Ester Sesay from Fiscal Decentralization Directorate in the Ministry of Finance encourages the people to drive their own development. “This is not business as usual our focus now is on the peoples planning process using the inside out approach to development as the FT ED has explained to you”.

Fambul Tok Peace Mothers (PM) head  Lilian Morsay explains about income generation activities and plans of the PMs in Soa chiefdom

Soa Chiefdom holds CDDC Meeting

and promised the PC that the women are on the ascendency.


The section chiefs give updates on development in their areas and felt needs ranging from water, schools, roads and health centers for pregnant women. Present in the meeting are famers based organisations, mammy queens, youth leaders, councilors, district planning officer, religious leaders, people with disabilities media IAS representative, and Fambul Tok staff.