Sneak preview of Wan Fambul/One Family benefit album

Tomorrow is the big day!  The Wan Fambul/One Family Benefit Album will be released tomorrow, March 23rd.  Click to see a sneak preview of what’s in store:

The video includes footage of Sierra Leonean pop icons Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew performing “Wi Na Wan Fambul” (We Are One Family), a rousing call for the country to unite in a commitment to violence-free elections, and the opening track on the new album.

This footage was shot a year ago, at the March 23 African premiere of Fambul Tok, in Bomaru, Sierra Leone — the place where the war began exactly 20 years earlier on March 23, 1991.  Bomaru is also the place where the Fambul Tok program began, on the same date in 2008.

We continue the commemoration of March 23rd with this launch.  Be sure to check your email tomorrow for the official announcement!