SLBC Hosts Fambul Tok On War Anniversary Programme

Fambul Tok continues its Never Again Campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sierra Leone civil war with series of media events.

The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) hosted Fambul Tok in TV and radio shows.

Fambul Tok Abdul Rashid told the Podium host that the campaign was done nation wide and 16 school clubs in 4 districts (Kailahun, Koinadugu, Moyamba and Pujehun) organized activities ranging from town hall meetings, drama, public processions, football matches to burn fire.

He also told the nationwide Good Morning show that Fambul Tok aims to remind the people about the effects of the 11- year rebel war and the lessons learnt.

“This is good for the kids who don’t have any experience of the war and some of whom will be first time voters in the next elections in 2023”.

The school clubs will continue their engagements with peers and community stakeholders to remind all about the ills of war and how all can contribute in fostering peace and national cohesion.