Salone Fambul Tok is going international

Really! Yes, the success of Fambul Tok Sierra Leone has generated a substantial amount of buzz throughout Africa, and beyond. Given the interest and potential, the Fambul Tok leadership decided to transition Fambul Tok, which was a program of CFP and FOC, to an international NGO, Fambul Tok International (FTI). WOW!! FTI will have its global program headquarters in Salone and corporate headquarters in the US, and both John and Libby will lead the way forward.

Currently, the program is transitioning to FTI and will fully function under the new identity as of January 1st, 2010. What will happen to Fambul Tok Sierra Leone? Nothing, it will serve as the learning lab for those from other countries. Also, since Fambul Tok Sierra Leone is in the process of facilitating reconciliation in all 14 districts in the country, “Na small small.”  We plan to add 3 new districts in 2010, bringing our total to 6 districts.  Where is FTI going next? No country has been identified yet, but FTI’s focus is on post-conflict countries. Maybe Liberia!?