Residents of Tombay Village rally together to fund water well project

Residents  of Tombay Village in Fakunya Chiefdom, Moyamba District have  come together in a commendable display of community spirit,raising approximately  8,000 Leones (equivalent to $350) towards the construction of a much needed water well

The initiative aims to provide clean and accessible water to 500 villagers.During their Monthly Community Meeting held in Tombay village on the 26th April,2024. John Sesay,chairman of the Village Development Committee,proudly announced the significant achievement

‘The exact amount raised was seven thousand nine hundred and sixty three leones(7,963),which came from the proceeds of the village basket initiative’stated Mr,Sesay

The decision to undertake this project was prompted by the pressing need for accessible water within the community.’Water is one of the needs here,our children and women go far off to

off to fetch a bucket’lamented Mr.Sesay

Recognizing the slow progress of intial monthly contributions.the community devised a new strategy to accelerate fundraising efforts.In strategy to help increase village funds to embark on the proposed water well project.’ In February,we decided to design a new strategy to embark on the proposed water well project,explained Mr,Sesay.

The strategy involved in mobilising stakeholders and households to actively participate in fundraising activities.Following unanimous agreement during the Monthly Community Meeting residents began contributing ten leones every Friday,resulting in 106 villagers actively participating in the initiative

The community’s dedication to the cause bore fruit,with over 7,000 leones collected in just seven weeks.

Looking ahead,the committee aims to continue multiplying the funds through loans to earn more interest rates

Additionally,residents are contributing to a special social fund,with each individual pledging 100 leones every Friday.This fund, totaling 719 leones,is earmarked to assist community members in times of dire need

The collaborative  effort demonstrated by the residents of Tombay village underscores the power of community driven initiatives in addressing pressing needs.As they continue to work towards their goal,there collective resolve serves as an inspiration for neighboring villages and communities facing similar challenges

He said before the hosting of their February Community Monthly Meeting ideas started coming  in mainly from other members of the VDC. In their monthly meeting it was unanimously agreed to work with stakeholders and households to increase fund raising drive.

After series of engagements with heads of households in the village,it was agreed that every member contribute Le10 every Friday in the month and now 106 people in Tombay are responding to the trend.

In a just concluded Community Monthly Meeting for April,it was announced that just after seven weeks of contributions they now have over Le7,000 at their disposal hoping to continue multiplying it through loans to earn more interest rates Apart from the village basket Tombay residents are also contributing towards a special social fund which  each  individual pays Le100 on each Friday.This social fund has reached Le719 and is tagged towards assisting community members when they are in dire need for help