Penguia Validates Chiefdom Plan

Fambul Tok Chiefdom meeting for the validation of the draft chiefdom development plan through the Peoples Planning Process (PPP) for Penguia Chiefdom in Kailahun district, eastern #SierraLeone progresses with participants including chiefdom speaker representative Madam Baindu Sundu, section chiefs, other Chiefdom leaders and representatives of the five sections within the chiefdom.

Chiefdom Speaker and senior section chiefs reviewed key sections of the document and called for Fambul Tok to continue to support the process especially when it comes to the implementation of the chiefdom development plan.

senior section chiefs reviewed key sections

The chiefdom health officer Augustine Abu, reviewing areas regarding health in the chiefdom PPP draft document, said it was good that stakeholders consider health facility in Penguia as one of their felt needs

Chiefdom Stakeholders Validates PPP

The chiefs and other stakeholders in the chiefdom endorsed the draft copy of the chiefdom plan.

Participants at the Penguia Chiefdom PPP validation meeting held at Sandaru the Chiefdom headquarter town on the 9th of February 2022 include: Augustine Abu Community Health Officer Penguia: Section chief JT Fayai from Lalehun; Section chief representative komba Kabba from Kongonani; Section chief Tamba Alpha from kumatandu; Paramount chief representative Sao Nabieu from Woroma; Town chief Komba E Moiwo from Kongonani community; Mammy Queen from Sandaru Mariama Hindowa; Section youth leader from Woroma (Bulima); Senior section chief Mr. Brims Swarray; Court clerk Abubakarr Gbenda; Mr. Aiah Sam-king Chiefdom Youth Leader and Teacher from Kongonani; Mohamed Samking Chiefdom youth leader; and Chiefdom speaker representative Madam Baindu Sundupenguia