“Our community has been transformed”

Members of  Upper Kamadugu section, Sengbeh chiefdom, Koinadugu district have expressed the desire to work as one family for the development of their community. They see this as a result of the rapid changes taking place since they appeased their ancestors.

According to the section chief, before they began Fambul Tok in their community, they did not work together as it was difficult to even convene a meeting. He said after they held their Fambul Tok ceremony in April of this year, a lot of changes have taken place.

One of the women leaders in Dankawali village said they have been many sacrifices but did not realise anything.  “In fact every year we sacrificed over seven cows to appease our ancestors but not a single bird (hawk) came down to feast, an indication that our ancestors were angry,” Sallay Kpaka revealed. “When we  reconciled and sacrificed a sheep in April this year,” she continued, “it was shocking to know that several birds came down to feast and since that time our lives have transformed.”

An elderly man in Dankawali, Sayoh Mansaray explained how their crops were doing fine but confessed that they abandoned their traditions even before the war. He said Fambul Tok efforts to revive good traditional practices should be commended.

He said since the ceremony, their crops are now doing well, adding that they expect bumper harvest this year.

Dankawali village is one of the places that heavy fighting and killing took place during the conflict. A lot of destruction also occurred.