Orientation Of Peace Champions At St Stevens Tec Voc School

St Stevens Tec Voc Sec Sch

St Stevens Technical Vocational Secondary School, Pemagbe Section Kpanga Krim Chiefdom

Fambul Tok facilitates orientation of Peace Champions at St Stevens Technical and Vocational Secondary- Gobaru, Pemagbe Section, Kpanga Krim Chiefdom, Pujehun district. This event took place on the 10th March 2021 in the school compound.

The ceremony started with individual silent prayers followed by self-introduction. Mr. Mohamed Koroma one of the peace club coordinators, said in his opening remarks that “Fambul Tok and the peace club are not something new to the school, because they were working with the school before the Ebola outbreak in 2013 and the school befitted a lot from the program. St Steven was the only school in the District that held a school bonfire”.

He said with the former peace club members, they were able to print Fambul Tok Ti-shirts that they used as uniforms in most cases to make the club members stood out from the other students.

Mr. Koroma told the pupils that on no account should they be found in odd places and not in class. “It is now your duty to talk to your friend to stop staying behind the toilet while classes are ongoing”, he said. He talked about the criteria used to select them that they were not selected because of their beautiful faces “but because we know you can be an example to your colleagues”.

Borbor Keifa, on the other hand, admonished the pupil to desist from all lawless acts in the school and the communities they live. They should be a role model. “It is now your duty to work with the administration to maintain law and order in the school. Whenever any of your colleagues is doing something contrary to the law and order of the school and the community you live, talk to him to change and if he/she does not listen to your advice take the matter to them as peace coordinators. Fambul Tok also has interest in the free quality education that is why you should be reading to compete with other Fambul Tok school in the District and outside the District”.

Satta Kemoh, a peace champion asked, what will happen if they report a friend who is physically stronger than them and he/she happened to be punished, upon their return to class and bully them in return?

Mr. Keifa said, “not in all cases defaulters are punished, we will counsel them to change and we will not mention your identity them”.

Mr. Mansaray a Fambul Tok District staff attached to Wan Fambul School Clubs Programme discussed a brief history of the peace club initiatives and Fambul Tok’s operation in the District. He talked about their operational areas, chiefdoms, sections, and all the structures they have in those chiefdoms and sections. He again admonished both the peace coordinators and peace champions to believe and own the process.