Notes from Nashville – Fambul Tok Named 2011 NPT Human Spirit Award Winner at the Nashville Film Festival

Nashville Public Television (NPT) chose Fambul Tok as the 2011 recipient of the NPT Human Spirit Award at the Nashville Film Festival. The award is presented each year to a documentary selection and applauds the filmmaker’s ability to convey the generosity, kindness, mercy and compassion of the human spirit. The award will be presented to Director/Producer Sara Terry prior to the film’s second screening at the Nashville Film Festival, Monday, April 18 at 5:15 pm, screening at Regal Green Hills Cinema.

“The capacity for forgiveness and reconciliation is intrinsic to the human spirit,” reads the NPT jury statement. (Fambul Tok International founder) John Caulker is the embodiment of the power of embracing that spirit for the betterment of humankind, and in turn, our compass. He is accomplishing what hundreds of millions of dollars could not.

“The compassion of the people of Sierra Leone and their desire to rebuild there lives and country is captured by Sara Terry with a combination of honesty, rawness and beauty that is rare. She has given us stories of people, then and now, and asked to look within ourselves to discover our own capacity for forgiveness and reconciliation. The result is transformative.”

To read more about the award and the NPT jury’s reaction to Fambul Tok, visit the NPT blog.