New Kailahun District Board Chairman calls for smooth transition

Board meeting in progress

The newly elected chairman of the Kailahun District Fambul Tok Board has said if Fambul Tok activities are to be sustained, every individual in the district should be ready to take ownership of the community reconciliation program.

Chief Ndolleh (r) officially hands over leadership to the new Board chairman

In his inaugural address to zonal executives and members of the new board in Kailahun Town on May 20, 2013, Paramount Chief Cyril Foray Gondor II said that Kailahun district is the first district to take ownership of the program after 5 years of Fambul Tok in that part of the country, adding that it shows that the people have understood the program and can now take manage it on their own.

He went on to stress that “Board Chairman” is just a title and has nothing to do with  the runnings of the program, adding that what is key is teamwork to ensure that every community takes full responsibility of the reconciliation activities.

“I believe in teamwork and I urge you all to work together in your different zones to make sure we contribute to the sustainance of Fambul Tok,” Chief Gondor emphasized.

He explained that “Everything we will be doing may not be 100% correct as I am certain that as we go along the line, mistakes are bound to happen. We urge Fambul Tok staff to direct and share their wonderful experiences with us throughout the transitional period.”

The Chairman was grateful to the outgoing District Executive Chairman, Maada Alpha Ndolleh, for his stewardship for the past five years. He congratulated Chief Ndolleh for supporting the reconciliation program in Kailahun and other districts and respectfully requested his continued assistance, as communities still hold him in high esteem.

Chief Gondor underscored the support Fambul Tok national staff have given and continue to give during this transitional period.

Chief Ndolleh addressing the gathering

The Vice Chairman of the Kailahun District Fambul Tok Board, Madam Satta Ndolleh, echoed Chief Gondor’s appeal and stressed that they should work together in the interest of their communities to ensure sustainable peace and tranquility prevail.

Zonal executive members further pledged their unfettered support to Kailahun District Fambul Tok, promising to play different roles toward the realization of activities in the district.