Moyamba Gets 4 New Peace Mothers Groups

Fambul Tok field staff facilitated the formation of Peace Mothers groups in Kowama, Njagnema , Yelima and Ngolahun sections in the Kamajei Chiefdom in Moyamba District in southern Sierra Leone.

The Peace Mother coordination team visited 27 villages in the four sections in the Kamajei chiefdom and held preparedness meetings with communities. The women and interested men were informed and invited to Peace Mothers formations meetings.

The communities selected the following dates for Peace Mothers formation in their respective communities: Kowama 16th, Njabema 17th , Yelima 18th and Ngolahun 19th October 2020.

The town chiefs, section chiefs, women leaders and youth leaders and CWMC representatives attended the meetings.

Fambul Tok Sadiatu Kallon told the women that the purpose of Peace

Ngolahun Peace Mothers Formation

Mothers groups is to seek peace, stability and the general welfare of their communities.

The newly formed groups agreed that each member of the group would contribute 5000 Leones each to raise funds to enable them to embark on revenue generation activities.