Mokerewa Academy Holds Orientation for 50 Peace Club Members

Orientation Programme

Fambul Tok Field Staff Joseph Kalokoh During Orientation

Fambul Tok on Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 conducted an orientation for 50 Peace Club members for the Wan Fambul Schools Program at the Golden Academy of Sciences Secondary School, in Mokorewa village, Njawa section, Moyamba district.

Fambul Tok District Schools Coordinator, Joseph P. Kalokoh facilitated the orientation along with the two teacher-coordinators from the school. Mr Kalokoh in his statement said: “The schools program is an effort to see young people actively involved in peace building within their schools and the wider communities. He proceeded that,” members of the clubs are called “peace champions” because they are the ones taking the lead to disseminate peace messages in and out of their schools and therefore should be ready to lead by example.” He added that, “he expects club members to work closely with their two teacher coordinators”. He ended by admonishing peace club members to uphold the criteria that enhanced their selection and that their behavior as members should be shaped round those criteria. And values of peace

Acting Principal, Mr. Richard Mustapha Nabieu said he was delighted for the restart of the schools program in his school. He recounted that his school benefited a lot from the programme, as he was one of the coordinators before the Ebola virus disease interruption. He encouraged members to influence change in the behavior of their sisters, brothers, friends and relatives. and show high level of commitment towards the activities of the club.

Ishmail Kpaka of JSS 2 gave a vote of thanks on behalf of club members. He thanked Fambul Tok and the teacher coordinators for selecting them into the peace club.