Masongbo Peace Mothers on Cassava Production

Immediately after their bonfire and reconciliation ceremonies in Madina village, Masongbo section, Makari Gbanti chiefdom, Bombali district last year, Bombali district staff, like their colleagues in other districts, encouraged community members to work as one family. The idea of peace mothers in Masongbo section was enthusiastically embraced for the fact that women have not been working as a unit in that part of the country.

According to community members, many non-governmental organizations have worked in the section but have failed to bring together all 8 villages to work as one family for the development of the section.

Cassava farm in Worreh Moria, Makari Gbanti chiefdom, Bombali district

Speaking to section chief Pa Alimamy Sorie Kamara, we learned that it has been very difficult for the community to work as one. One of the main reasons, he stresses, is that there is no women’s organization in the region, with the exception of Fambul Tok Peace Mothers. “That was why I personal talked to my colleagues to offer 8 acres of land to Peace Mothers  to plant cassava because this is a new initiative in this chiefdom, “Pa Kamara says.

In a very relaxed mood in Masongbo town, Chairlady of Peace Mothers, Madam Adama Kalokoh, alias Dam Dam, gave a brief background of the cassava project in Worreh Moria. She explained that the cultivation of the 8 acre cassava project started in December 2011, and went on to state that immediately after hosting other Peace Mothers from Kono, Kailahun, Moyamba and Koinadugu districts in an exchange visit in Makeni, they were shocked to learn the progress made by their colleagues as they organised themselves without external support to embark on various activities, and therefore after sharing experiences, they decided to do their own independent cassava project.

She said that initially, it was very difficult to contribute towards food for work as they have no external support but aded that with determination and perseverance,they made headway to actualize and progress the project.

On the question of what plans they have in mind in terms of processing the cassava, she says that will be determined by all peace mothers. Presently, they are weeding the farm to get rid of pests and scare away rodents, and are determined to do more activities this year to challenge other districts.

Madam Kalokoh concluded by extending thanks and appreciation to traditional leaders for offering Peace Mothers land free of cost, while calling on other organizations to support them in their farming activities.