Makpele GRC Monthly Meeting Triggers Surface Rent Payments

The Grievance Redress committee (GRC) hold their last monthly meeting for the year at the Zimmi town court barray, #Pujehun district on Friday 10th December 2021. The Committee members from the four sections of Makpele chiefdom and farmers based organization (FBOs) are all in attendance. The meeting also serve as a follow up on outstanding issues during past engagements in the chiefdom.

After the opening courtesies, Mr. Abdulai Kanneh committee member from Selimeh express gratitude to Fambul Tok for being resilient in mediating the chiefdom’s disputes that have been hindrances to the chiefdom development for so long. “But with the

Makpele GRC Members

intervention of Fambul Tok in the chiefdom we have now started enjoying peace and development”, Mr. Kanneh said.


Among other things at the centre of the discussion, are the inclusion of women in the decision making process, restructuring of the chiefdom youth council executive, and the late payment of surface rent to land owners.

Madam Massah S Mansaray land owner from Kengo section demonstrate gratitude that the intervention of Fambul Tok in addressing issues between the Natural Habitat Company and the community is timely. As a result, the company has informed land owners that surface rent payment will start on 13 December 2021.