Konio Community Welfare & Mediation Committee Holds Refresher Training

Section Chief of Konio Poses with CWMC Executive

Fambul Tok  staff add value to previous training given to Community Welfare and Mediation Committee (CWMC) nominees in lower Konio section, Buedu town, in the Kissi Tongi chiefdom eastern Sierra Leone with a refresher training on the 25th February 2022.

CWMC members were trained in various topics ranging from communication, mediation, reconciliation, and leadership. Members did role plays to show scenarios of the various topics facilitated by Fambul Tok’s Field Officers James Fallah and Fatim Sesay

 All CWMC nominees attended the session including the section chief Fallah Bundu.  In his welcome statement thanked Fambul Tok for not neglecting his section. He went on to say that it has taken a long time since their last activity in the section. Fambul Tok’s first intervention into the chiefdom and creation of the CWMC structure was in 2015.

He however expressed hope that Fambul Tok will now be regular in both the section and chiefdom as a whole. During the training, CWMC nominees demonstrated competencies in the training disciplines which proved that they can live up to the task. At the end of the training, CWMC nominees voted in their new executive and agreed on a date and venue for their first rotational meeting.