Komende village embarks on school construction project

In an inspiring display of unity and determination,Komende village is making strides towards constructing a much needed primary school.The Village Development Committee(VDC).in partnership with Peace mothers and  Community Youth for Peace and Development (CyPAD) group,is turning their long-held vision into reality

‘We dont want to leave the plan in the hands of stakeholders only,that is the reason we are working with them to ensure our dream becomes real,”emphasized Mariatu Barrie,chiefdom animator for Bagruwa

The initiative stems from the community’s recognition of the challenges faced by children who have to trek long distances for education.Through the Monthly Community Meeting,villagers have been pooling resources into a community fund,overcoming obstacles to achieve tangible progress

Collection of local materials


Dauda Maligie,VDC Chairman, expressed his delight at the recent collaboration efforts,highlighting the collection of local materials as a significant milestone.’As Fambul Tok has taught us how to work to develop ourselves,we dont want that to go in vain’,he emphazed. We have collected over Le5,000 through the basket,and more will follow as we work

Contributing to the cause,CyPAD chairman Mohamed Leigh shared the group’s dedication,revealing their fund raising efforts through labor exercises.He also mentioned the formation of a football team aimed at promoting peace within the community

With enthusiasm radiating from Komende residents,the call for support echoes beyond their borders.Organizations and individuals,especially those with ties to the region,are urged to lend a helping hand in realizing this wonderful  endeavor