Koinadugu Peace Mothers Get Support For Self-reliance

Fambul Tok (FT) provides livelihood support to Peace Mother’s groups in Sakuta and Kaponpon communities in Wara Wara Bafodia chiefdom, in Koinadugu district. The purpose of the donation is to improve on the low socio-economic status of women in their various communities to enhance national cohesion.

Sakuta Peace Mothers in Wara Wara Receives Donation 

Women in Sakuta received 12 gallons of palm oil, 1 bag of caustic soda, 2 rubber bowls and a packet of gloves. Peace Mother’s in Kaponpon received 2 bushels of viable seed rice for planting. The items will strengthen their revenue generation schemes to support their peace-building initiatives.

The Mammy Queen in Sakuta, Madam kadiatu , appreciated FT and said the support was really timely: ‘”This support will increase our output and other communities will also benefit, we are really grateful to Fambul Tok”.

FT Staff sensitized peace mother’s on some of the benefits of team work and synergy.

Peace Mother’s Coordinator Madam Hawa Conteh hoped that the livelihood support will make them more self-reliant.

FT staff Issa Kamara encouraged Peace Mother’s to continue their good work and participate in community development project.