Kasunko-Kakalian Chiefdom Peace Mothers Formation

Fambul Tok International (FT) facilitated a chiefdom Peace Mother (PM) formation in Kasunko-Kakalian Chiefdom in Koinadugu District for 10 sectional Peace Mother’s representatives on the 12th February 2021. Participants were drawn from all five sections in the chiefdom: Limba, Fadugu Madingo, Fagama, Dalsalam and Kakalian.

The specific objectives of the session are: to enhance proper coordination amongst the Peace Mother’s groups at sectional Level; to strengthen and promote cordial working relationship amongst Peace Mother’s; and to provide oversight and guidance for sustainable activity plan development at chiefdom Level.

Kasunko-Kakalian 10 Sections Representatives

A member from the Chiefdom Executive, Ballay Mansaray, in appreciating the role of Fambul Tok in changing the lives of vulnerable women said,” Fambul Tok we shall never forget your work in Kasunko-Kakalian Chiefdom in changing our behavior as community women taking the back seat , waiting for the men to plan for us . We are not challenging them but we work together as partners. Fambul Tok have reduced violence in our homes and we now feel empowered to take care of ourselves and contribute to our chiefdom development plan. We are grateful.”

FT Hawa Conteh explained that the purpose of the formation of the peace mother group at this level was geared towards women’s empowerment. She encouraged participants to listen keenly in order to grasp everything that was being said. Hawa Conteh advised participants to go back to their respective sectional groups and work hard more than ever before so as to create the necessary impact as leaders in their various communities.