Kailahun DDCC Holds Inaugural Meeting

Fambul Tok Executive Director John Caulker commends the inaugural meeting of the Kailahun District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) as a “dream come true” and calls for linkages with the (VDC) Village Development Committees.
He said this at the first DDCC meeting held at the council’s hall in Kailahun

DDCC in Deliberations

district, facilitated by the Department of Planning.

Present at the meeting were Paramount Chiefs, MDAs representatives, civil society, national and international NGOs.
Council Chairman Ahmed Keke Sahr Lamin in his opening remark said members of the DDCC should take their participation very seriously as the structure is responsible for the peace, security and development of kailahun district.
Paramount Chief Banya welcomed all and wished participants



MODEP Ag Deputy Director

successful deliberations.
The Acting Deputy Director of Development Mbalu Kamara said MODEP will provide oversight to the newly formed DDCC to ensure that its procedures are standardised and followed best reporting practices and deliberations formats. Mrs Kamara said the DDCC should meet before the council meeting and reports must be sent to MODEP immediately for action.
Representatives of MDAs and NGOs gave activity updates and deliberated on issues emanating from them.