IDPDC collaborates with District Office for peaceful elections

A team of civil society activists,youth representatives and members of the Koinadugu Inclusive District Peace and Development Committee will leave Kabala township tomorrow,September 16,2016  for Falaba and other villages in the Sulima chiefdom.

The rationale behind the visit is to sensitize community members and intending candidates for the sectional and township elections in Sulima chiefdom.The elections are slated before the end of the year.


meeting in progress

About two months ago,the Inclusive Committee played a vital tole towards the restoration of Chiefdom Speaker of Sulima that was suspended alongside other chiefs for violation of the ebola bye laws last year.

After his restoration,the District Office in Koinadugu scheduled dates for the conduction of sectional and townships elections in that chiefdom.The process was postponed due to the misunderstanding of the Chieftaincy Act of 2009.

According to some community members, those who were in acting positions before the declaration of dates for the elections had thought they are already qualified to contest.Some were even alleged to have said that since they have already acted in their various capacities there was no need to change them.

A date was set by the District Office to conduct elections but due to the momentum  everything was put on hold.

Chief Kamara-team member

Chief Kamara-PRO 1, IDPDC and team member

According to the District Officer,Ajina Mansaray,the Chieftaincy Act of 2009 stipulates that in order for a candidate who acts for a specific period to be qualified for both sectional/town chief elections,he/she should resign six months before the elections but not much sensitization has been done to teach community members on the provisions in the Act.

In its end of month executive meeting,IDPDC resolved in partnership with other civil society  to collaborate with District Office to sensitize community members on the Chieftaincy Act so that they could be reasonable enough to understand the process and allow the smooth and peaceful conduction of elections.

The team will hold town hall meetings with community members in different locations.