Hafia Section Trains Community Welfare and Mediation Committee

Hafia Section Community Welfare and Mediation Committee Executive

Section Chief Welcomes CWMC Trainees

FT Issa Kamara Facilitates Session

Fambul Tok staff today facilitated a Community Welfare and Mediation Committee (CWMC) training at Hafia Section, Sengbe Chiefdom, Koinadugu District, northern Sierra Leone. The five communities within the section were all represented and their lists of prospective needs and activities collected.

Participants were trained on various topics ranging from communication, mediation, reconciliation, and leadership. Participants did role plays to portray better understanding of the various topics facilitated by Fambul Tok’s Field Officer Issa Kamara and Peace Mother’s head, Hawa Conteh.

In his welcome address, the section chief, Alhaji Amadu Barrie expressed his thanks and appreciation to Fambul Tok for not only identifying them as a section but working with them independently. “We feel highly recognised and respected,” he emphasized.

Staff reminded them of the Dos and Don’ts of Fambul Tok and that the lists of their felt needs collected are not going to be actualised by Fambul Tok but rather the organisation will facilitate the process so that their voices could be heard beyond their communities.