First Sectional Peace Mothers group formed

Women from various villages in Sembehun section, Bagruwa chiefdom Moyamba district converged at Sembehun town to form the first group of peace mothers under the Peoples Planning Process(PPP).

Sembehun Peace Mothers

The occasion was climaxed by singing and dancing as women from over 15 villages had the opportunity to come together after a very long time


Sadiatu Pessima took them through on the importance of peace mothers group in the section. She said when women come together a lot of good things are achieved. She added that very soon the remaining six sections will have their sectional peace mothers’ groups formed

She cited examples on various women’s groups that have succeeded in working together. She stated that she too is a beneficiary of peace mother in her section adding that through her contributions she had the opportunity to be employed by Fambul Tok

Fatim Sesay talked on the achievements of peace mothers in Kailahun district mentioning women’s role towards peace in the district

Section chief of Sembehun Lucinda Sankoh was happy to say that through FT activities the chiefdom had the chance to embark on peace that brought back their suspended Paramount Chief to the chiefdom

The women were also informed about FT values,dos and donts

Town chief of Sembehun,Braima Momodu hailed FT and said it played great role for the return of Paramount chief and other stakeholders to Sembehun

The newly elected chairlady of the group,Zyporah Jusu assured that before their first executive meeting in June,the new executive will visit all villages to inform them about the formation of village level executives

chairlady of Peace Mothers