Fambul Tok,CFP partner with Government to host “wan fambul” conference


Fambul Tok International Sierra Leone and Catalyst for Peace Foundation in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone just completed a successful two- day workshop on the 17th to 19th of October 2022 in Kono District to deliberate on the National Wan Fambul Framework.

VP(4th from left) pose with members of the high table

Before the workshop proper, field visitation was held in Soa chiefdom on Monday,October 17 were community participants(Peace mothers ,community mediators, Village Development Commitees) from Koinadugu,Moyamba,Kailahun,Karene and Falaba districts and other representatives from Fambul Tok, Catalyst for Peace Foundation, Ministry of Local Government, Donor partners went around different communities to witness various activities carried out that day

On Tuesday, October 18,2022,at the Thomas Sahr Quee hall in Koidu city , Executive Director of Fambul Tok John Caulker briefed the gathering about what his organization and Catalyst for peace Foundation have been doing for the past decade in ensuring that there is peace and stability  in Sierra Leone by constantly engaging authorities and local people for sustainable development in their communities. President of Catalyst for Peace Foundation, Elizabeth Hoffman expressed joy over their longtime working relationship with Fambul Tok in making sure that community plan their development own projects.

She said communities will always be allowed to be part and parcel of development processes, adding that if they are not included sustainable development will not be a success

Minister of State , Office of Vice President, Francess Alghali chaired the opening and said Fambul Tok continue to play major role to ensure communities are not only at peace but remains cohesive. He said Catalyst for Peace Foundation has worked with Fambul Tok for so long and achievements registered in the country could attributed to strong partnership

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development ,Tamba Lamina in his address said wan fambul framework is a vehicle for development. He appreciated the effort of the Vice President for gracing the occasion.

PC Tamba Emmanuel Foyoh iv  of Soa Chiefdom ,speaking on behalf of his colleagues  extended appreciation to  Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace foundation for designing the Wan Fambul National Framework, a model that is inclusive. He said because of the successes of  the People’s Planning Process(PPP) has done in various chiefdoms to create chiefdom plans the Government of Sierra Leone deemed it fit and bought the idea to support the process so that communities will be inclusive and own their development aspirations

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh reassured Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace Foundation including participants present about Government’s commitment to the road map of the People’s Planning Process. He added that Government Projects will not be successful if the People are not placed in the center of development. He said the framework will not be an elephant project as it is a very important tool for community development. He was nearly carried away by presentations from participants from various districts and pledged government support to ensure community development aspirations are realized

The Vice President also attended the next day’s  session at Diamond lodge in Koidu city where the Minister of Planning and Economic Development,Dr Francis Kaikai played host to participants.

Participants especially peace mothers  from various districts presented what they have and continue to do in terms of activities