Fambul Tok Trains Bagrua Community Welfare & Mediation Committees

Fambul Tok Moyamba district staff hold training exercises for Community Welfare and Mediation Committee (CWMC) members in sections in Bagruwa chiefdom.                                                                                              O

Kigbai CWMC Training

On Monday,4th February 2022, a session was held in Kigbai section where 48 participants from 24 villages converged to acquire skills and knowledge on mediation, community #reconciliation, communication and listening skills and topics relating to #peacebuilding. After the training, participants were equipped with skills to mediate minor community disputes in their various villages. The Peoples Planning Process in the Wan Fambul Framework encourages organizations working in rural areas to put communities at the centre in terms of development aspirations. Each chiefdom will develop a plan based on felt needs of every village. Fambul Tok started the process in 2015 in Kailahun district. Similar CWMC roll continues in Moyamba, Koinadugu and Kono districts.