Fambul Tok Trains 60 CBOs in Kailahun District on PPP

Fambul Tok (FT) over the weekend trained 60 community based organisions participants from 15 chiefdoms in the Kailahun district on the Wan Fambul National Framework (WFNF) and the Peoples Planning Process (PPP).

FT Executive Director John Caulker challenged the community people to take charge of their own development through the PPP.

“Local people have the solutions to their local problems. You as CBOs should have the trust of the people and should be able to continue work on the peoples planning process in your chiefdoms. The plans produced by the people should be the guide to development partners and government. Local government will come up with their needs which will then be supplied by the central government.”

The Kailahun District Council Development and Planning Officer Alhaji Ansuma explained that the road to developing the PPP has been a long and hard one. “We have put so much efforts and resources into it and now is the time for it bear fruit. Therefore you need to learn and follow all the steps in developing the peoples planning process. The new focus in development has shifted the development paradigm to align it with the government’s Medium Term Development Framework. It puts people ant the center of development”.

Training Consultant Patrick Zombo told participants that the purpose of the training was to build their capacity to be effective partner to Fambul Tok and the government of Sierra Leone in the rollout of the Wan Fambul National Framework and to lead the PPP in their respective communities.

Emmanuel Mansaray, training head of FT, admonished CBOs to inculcate the core values of Fambul Tok work. These include: non-partisanship, transparency and accountability, respect for and revival of good customs and traditions of communities, accompaniment and the belief that communities have solutions to their problems.

The head of Peace Mothers in Kailahun, Fatim Sesay, welcomed participants and affirmed their commitments to take the knowledge and skills gained in the training back to their respective chiefdoms. This is the second batch of CBO trainings organized by Fambul Tok. The next batch will take place in Moyamba district.