Fambul Tok Trains 48 CWMC Members in Vaama Mani Chiefdom

CWMC Members

Training Session

Fambul Tok’s (FT) #Moyamba district staff on Friday trained 48 Community Welfare and Mediation Committee members from 23 villages in Vaama, Mani section in Bagruwa chiefdom, southern #SierraLeone. Participants include Section chief, mammy queens, youth leaders, religious leaders (pastors and imams), town chief and village chiefs. Mani Section Chief Abdul Rahman Molai welcomed all and thanked Fambul Tok for responding to their need for a vibrant CWMC to help resolve minor disputes, foster transitional justice and

Role Play in Mediation and Reconciliation

keep the peace in the section. Fambul Tok’s Abdul Rashid represents Executive Director John Caulker said Fambul Tok’s role is to support communities gain what they want with the belief that the people of Mani have all what it takes to keep the peace and develop their communities using best traditional practices that have withstand the test of times over the years.


Fambul Tok’s Joseph Benji, Sadiatu Pessima and Joseph Kargbo facilitated sessions on mediation, community reconciliation, communication and listening skills and a host of viable topics relating to peace building. In interactive sessions, participants did role plays on mediation, communication and the values of Fambul Tok. The learnt that they must not handle cases of rape, robbery, murder and high level crimes that are the competencies of the law enforcement agencies and ministry of Social Welfare and cases of fines that are within the purview of the chiefs. The Participants by the close of the training elected their new CWMC executive members.