Fambul Tok Trains 360 Peace Mothers in Kono

Sawafiama Peace Mothers

Kamara Peace Mothers

Peace Mothers in Bayakor

Fambul Tok Kono team has trained a total of 360 Peace mothers as Peace Ambassadors across the eighteen (18) sections in Soa (9 sections), Gbense (5 sections) and Kamara (4 sections) chiefdoms in Kono district eastern Sierra Leone. Twenty participants were drawn from each of these eighteen sections.

The Peace Mothers were trained on topics relating to peace and social cohesion.  Prominent among these was the identification of conflict early Warning signs and local peace monitoring systems to address grievance/conflict issues in their communities.

Peace Mothers head, Lilian Morsay, inspired the women to be good role models in communities in order to earn the trust of their compatriots. They will identify and resolve lingering conflict issues and elections related issues in an impartial manner.

The trainings are part of the UNDP project: “Strengthening Human Security in the Remote Chiefdoms of Gbense, Soa, and Kamara in Kono District of Sierra Leone” implemented by Fambul Tok and FAO Sierra Leone.