Fambul Tok to launch ‘Wi na wan fambul’ campaign

Fambul Tok International, Sierra Leone announces it will launch the ‘wi na wan fambul’ (we are one family) campaign early next year. The campaign will aim to strengthen reconciliation and for all Sierra Leoneans to know that despite their political affiliations they are from one big family.

Solomon welcoming the press

Addressing members of the press on Monday, October 4, the Executive Director of Fambul Tok International, John Caulker said the campaign is geared toward reconciliation and violent free elections in 2012.

He said the primary purpose is to serve as an early warning to electorate to take into consideration the importance of Sierra Leone above all else and also help build the spirit of the people in one united country in which all must see themselves as one family especially as elections draw closer which have already being viewed as very challenging.

Caulker disclosed that the campaign would be undertaken alongside the launching of a documentary film about Fambul Tok that tells the stories of victims and perpetrators during the country’s brutal conflict. He said the film was produced and directed by Sara Terry, an award winning photographer, and features stories of the tradition-based truth telling and forgiveness ceremonies.

The Director underscores that the film would explore and showcase the depth of Sierra Leone’s culture of forgiveness and living together as one family

Director reads a statement

Fambul Tok staff discuss Wi Na Wan Fambul Campaign

The Director of Communications, Solomon Yarjoh said Fambul Tok currently works in Kono, Kailahun, Moyamba and Koinadugu districts. He disclosed that to date 80 ceremonies have been held in 39 chiefdoms in the country.